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Dec 02 in  Business trends

SodaPDF Presents: FitBit Alternatives That Actually Work!


fitbit alternatives

We tested dozens of activity monitors, and these are by far the best FitBit alternatives available in 2019-20.

Why drop $150 just for a brand name when you can have an affordable FitBit alternative that works just as good for HALF THE PRICE?!

We’ve broken down each alternative based on price and category so you can find exactly what you’re looking for just in time for the holidays (You’re probably buying this for yourself…that’s OK!).

The Best FitBit Alternatives 2019-2020

Let’s be real: FitBit is expensive, but at least you know the brand guarantees quality.

Nov 19 in  Business trends

How To Evernote: Your Guide To Note-Taking


Are you looking for a solution to somehow keep track and stay up-to-date with your busy life, whether it be at home or at work?  Sounds like it’s time to talk about that elephant that should be in your browser: Evernote!

With Evernote, users of all walks of life can access their online application for FREE! Add lists, write notes and keep track of your week all with Evernote.

Curious to learn more? We thought so! Soda PDF is here to provide you with a helpful guide to show the perks and benefits of taking (and keeping track) of your notes with Evernote.

Nov 12 in  Business trends

Best Social Media Platforms for Live Streaming


Kanye West, James Harden, The Dallas Police Department….you after you finish this guide. What will you all share in common once you’ve completed this reading? LIVE STREAMING!

80% of your customers would rather see your beautiful face in a live video than read anything you write (except for this blog post, of course).

No other medium comes close to matching the excitement, accessibility, and ability to forge a deep connection to your audience more than live streaming.

Nov 07 in  Business trends

Introducing inPixio Photo Clip 9 Pro: Photo Editor


Are you looking for an alternative to the overwhelming (and sometimes confusing) Photoshop that is simple and easy to use? Look no further than inPixio Photo Clip 9 Pro!

Have you never heard of inPixio before? Well, it’s our absolute pleasure to introduce you to their inPixio Photo Clip 9 Pro software, arguably the best alternative (dare I say even rival) to Photoshop you’ll ever find.

With inPixio, you can edit your photos with ease and turn them into literal works of art by completely altering what was once a simple photograph and letting your imagination and creativity run wild.


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