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Jun 29 in  Business trends

AI for Business: How AI Will Change Everything



AI will transform business as we know it, opening new doors to levels of productivity, efficiency, and safety beyond anything we measly mortals are capable of on our own.

It can even help solve centuries of discrimination in business, education, and banking.

It’s so common in business today that chances are you’ve been affected by AI recently and didn’t even know it.

But will it mean the end of human labour? How do we prevent it from intruding on our personal lives? 

Jun 01 in  Business trends

Quarantine Cooking: The Best Food Recipe Sites & Channels


The Best Food Recipe Sites And Channels Quarantine Cooking-thumbnail

What else is there to say? 

These are the best food recipe sites and channels to keep you fed during lockdown. 

From budget to fancy, fast to full-day simmers, vegetarian to veal parmigiana with a side of sausage—you’ll find everything you could possibly want. And most of the ingredients are available right around the corner!

Eat up!

The Best Food Recipe Sites (From Real Eaters)

Here are the best sites for putting together your next great cookbook:

#1) Serious Eats – The Ultimate Food Recipe/Cooking Site

There are two types of food recipe sites in this world: Serious Eats and the rest.

May 25 in  Business trends

This Crucial App Pack Will Keep You Organized


This-Crucial-App-Pack-Will-Keep-You-Organized thumbnail

Today we’re bringing you our ultimate app pack for staying organized, productive, and SANE while working from home!

We polled our whole team and these were the top apps for getting more work done, fast communication, quick meetings, and collaboration.

Work is about to get a whole lot easier for you!

The Best Apps to Keep You Organized Overview

If there’s anything we’ve learned during #SocialDistancing, it’s that we take the office for granted.

Sure, it’s not fun waking up at 6am and sitting in traffic.

Apr 20 in  Business trends

7 Easy Tips For Staying Organized While Working From Home



Today, we’ll bring you 7 easy tips for staying organized while working from home. 

This is all practical, actionable advice from members of our team that ACTUALLY DO IT.

We’ve tried this all in the field, and it’s worked. Anyone can get organized and boost productivity while working from home. You just need to know how to do it.

How to Get Organized While Working From Home

7 Tips for Organizing Meme - Soda PDF

Can we ask you a question?

How much time have you already wasted working at home today?


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