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Aug 20 in  Business trends

Our Review of the Best Online Video Converters (Free, Paid, MP3, HD, YouTube)



Welcome to our review of the best online video converters of 2019 for all purposes!

If you aren’t techy (like us writers tend not to be), all the video conversion jargon and features can get real confusing. We created this guide so you don’t wind up ruining your entire video collection and wasting a whole day on the wrong converter like I did.

Read carefully and find the right one for your format. Also check out our list of the best video editing software to keep working on your new files. 

Aug 16 in  Business trends

The Best Video Cameras for Vlogging on YouTube


The Best Video Cameras for Vlogging on YouTube

If you’re serious about success on Youtube, you need a serious vlogging camera for your videos. That iPhone won’t cut it. If your videos are low quality, viewers are going to click away and go to a competitor filming in 4k. 

We’ve chosen the 5 best cameras for vlogging on YouTube based on price, quality, and usability.

Here are our 5 top picks


Note: If you’re in a rush, go with our top pick the Sony A6400. It’s not cheap by any means, but the quality is unbeatable at the price. It was so easy to use, that even we shot incredible YouTube videos just by following the prompts when opening it up.

Aug 13 in  Business trends

The Best Video (And Music) Streaming Services for 2020


best video streaming services

What do you have in common with Friends and The Office? All 3 of you are leaving Netflix and heading to one of our top selections for best video streaming services of 2020.

Nobody binges more TV than us, so we thought we’d put together this list based on available shows, format, and pricing. More selection, better quality, and competitive pricing? Why wouldn’t you want to leave Netflix and head somewhere else?

Let’s go!

P.S. If you’re interested in Friends or the Office, they might not be where you’d expect to find them….

Jul 29 in  Business trends

The Best Document Template Sites 2019 (Some FREE)


Why would you ever start a doc from scratch when you can find amazing template sites for everything from invoices, presentations, and calendars to newsletters and brochures?

Don’t waste your time sifting through all the Google results for best document template sites. The majority just waste your time and eventually ask you to pay to gain access to anything halfway decent.

These are the 5 sites we use regularly for our doc templates. Some are even 100% FREE!

NOTE: We use ALL of these template sites depending on which kind of document template we’re after.


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