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Jan 17 in  Business trends

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Recognition in 2020


Soda PDF Facial Recognition

We know exactly why you’re here: Facial recognition software is both the coolest and SCARIEST thing you’ve heard about so far this year. Seriously, how did Facebook know it was you at the concert when you should’ve been at work?

If used right, it could help secure your home, make airport check-in hours faster, and make sure nobody ever gets access to your phone without your permission.

But there are huge social implications that could change daily life as we know it forever!

Jan 06 in  Business trends

Soda PDF Presents: Best Screen Capture Software of 2020 (Gaming, Windows, Mac, FREE)


Welcome to our best screen capture software review of 2020.

Why did we make this entire blog dedicated to the best screen recorders? Because we’re GEEKS! Duh!

Just kidding…seriously, we use screen capture tools almost every day around the office. And from our experience, these programs ARE NOT ALL EQUAL. 

So in this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know before you spend money on anything. Including our picks for the best tools of 2020 based on our experience!

Jan 02 in  Business trends

Soda PDF Presents: Best Audio Editing Softwares for 2020


Looking for the best audio editing software on the market in 2020?

We’ve tested nearly two dozen audio editing programs and analyzed their quality for music, podcasts, and even video audio editing.

The following is a collection of our recommended audio editing softwares for 2020. Remember, there is no “one size fits all” editing software, so don’t drop hundreds of dollars until you find one that sounds like what you’re after.

So be sure to read our reviews and choose the audio editor that is best for you and your budget!

Dec 23 in  Business trends, How-to tutorials

Soda PDF Presents: How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac The Right Way!



Learn the 3 ways how to take a screenshot on a Mac, the best apps for taking a screenshot, and the secret way businesses can secure any image using our favorite tool (HINT: It’s Soda PDF!).

“Ahhhh, what a lovely day. It’s time to take a screenshot. I’ll just hit PrtScn and be on with my….wait, WHERE IS THE PRINT SCREEN BUTTON?!” – Literally every Windows to Mac transplant in history

3 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Mac

If you’re a Mac user, here are 3 helpful ways to capture a screenshot on your computer.


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