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Jun 10 in  Business trends

Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives to Create the Perfect Presentation


PowerPoint Alternatives

Death by Powerpoint. Mixed graphics, clunky text boxes, 400 slides of too much information – it’s a terminal diagnosis.  

These 10 apps are the best Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives – they’re convenient, simple, affordable (some are even free!), and will deliver the perfect finished product to close your deal and put you on a beach in Maui!


The BEST PowerPoint Alternative – Soda PDF 

Soda PDF PowerPoint Alternatives

Soda PDF Anywhere allows just that – access from literally anywhere at anytime. For that reason (among others), it’s our favorite among the PowerPoint alternatives.

Jun 03 in  Business trends

The Best File Sharing Services of 2019 (Tested and Proven!)


Best File Sharing Services

We’ve tested dozens of platforms for speed, security, and a bunch of other neat features and ranked them here so you don’t have to keep running long distances with floppy disks. We wanted to find the best file sharing services out there. Our #1 selection is easy, free, and fast (hint: It rhymes with Snoogle Snive).

Sharing massive documents is a pain (actually, if you had Soda PDF, it wouldn’t be). You can’t email them, you can’t send them via messenger, and sending them the old fashioned way is the 8th deadly sin.


The Top 5 Document Security Tools To Keep Your Files Safe



Document Security Tools

Cybersecurity is the greatest challenge facing business going into 2020, especially with the rise of the IoT and mobile devices linked to sensitive company data. According to the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the average cost PER RECORD for a data breach is $148. Knowing this, you can see the importance of document security tools. 

Securing your documents isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. With a few document security tools, you can safely protect sensitive documents behind strong passwords and impenetrable encryption. We’re going to share what we use to lock our files tight as Fort Knox (HINT: #1 is totally not biased at all).

May 27 in  Business trends

The 7 Best Alternatives to Photoshop


Best Photoshop Alternative

Don’t have the time, money, or editing skills for the mainline photo editors? Good news: you don’t need them to create stellar touch-ups, celeb couple face mashups, or stunning travel photos. These apps are all contenders for the best Photoshop alternative. 


These 7 Photoshop alternatives are simple, affordable (some are FREE), convenient, and PERFECT for basic photo editing.


The Best Photoshop Alternative – GIMP (FREE!)

GIMP best photoshop alternative

Summary: Hands-down our favorite Photoshop alternative. Open-source, FREE, cross-platform, tons of plug-ins, and relatively easy to pick up.


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