Customize your links easily in Soda PDF’s edit mode

2 minute read

Do you want to customize link properties to add a polished look to your document? You can customize the appearance of your links to match the style of your document by using Soda PDF’s user-friendly Edit Mode. Follow these easy steps to improve the visual appeal of your document and provide a seamless user experience.

Access Edit Mode

Switch to Edit Mode with just a click. Select to your desired link to activate the Properties tab on the right-hand side of your screen.

Customize Appearance

Once in the Properties tab, locate the Appearance section. You can transform the look of your links to suit your preferences perfectly.

Choose Your Color

Click on the color box next to the Color option. Select a color that harmonizes with the background of your document. For instance, if your document has a white background, opt for a border color that matches seamlessly with it, enhancing the link’s subtlety.

Finalize Your Changes

Once you’ve chosen the desired color, save your changes. Your link now integrates into your document, appearing as a subtle border that only reveals itself when selected.

Customizing link properties in Edit Mode has never been easier. These simple steps will help you improve your document’s visual appeal without sacrificing a smooth user experience. Take advantage of Edit Mode right now to turn your links into polished, polished components that grab the interest of your audience.

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