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9 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Open Rate in 2019


email marketing tips thumbnail Marketing your business through email is cheap, fun, and extremely effective. There’s only one problem: everyone is doing it WRONG. They’re either lazy, misinformed, or stuck thinking like it’s 2011 (ew). OK, enough of the rant. Here are 9 email marketing tips that will actually work in 2019. How do we know? We’ve actually used them!


Go scroll through your inbox…. (are you back yet?).


We’re going to guess that you ignored about 90% of everything in there. You’re either too busy at work to care, too numb to all of the used car salesman pitches or getting ready to leave the office and already checked out.


The thing is email marketing, when done right, flat out works. It piques your attention, gets you to open anything, and seals the deal with well-written copy. In fact, stats prove that it’s by far one of the most efficient and effective ways of marketing (3,800% ROI? WHAT?).


Trust us, we’ve actually tested this stuff in the field and it works. Here are 9 email marketing tips that will actually get more clicks, more leads, and more sales.

#1) Compel them to open your email

The power of the subject line compels you. The power of the subject line compels you (**possessed email reader writhes in pain as she’s forced to click against her will).


The subject line is your hook. It’s where nearly all of your copywriting mojo should go.


And the best part? You don’t have to be witty, smart, or creative (though that helps).


Be honest, straightforward, and personal.


Here are a few tips from different emails that have worked for us:

  1. Use first names AND company names (EX: Hey John, can we ask you about XYZ Corp’s PDF reader?).
  2. Action verbs work – Instead of saying “great deals at New York bars this weekend” say “drink 50% off cocktails in lower Manhattan this weekend”. 
  3. Make it scarce – They need to take action now!
  4. Clear-Concise-Straightforward is better than clever. 
  5. Know your persona – If you’re writing to CEOs and dinosaurs, use snotty language. If you’re writing to a younger crowd, be fun. Get what we mean? Middle-aged men buying work boots want something different than CEOs looking for PDF software.


Check out Codepen.io, an awesome tool for previewing everything about your emails before sending.


#2) Don’t neglect the preview text

We can’t tell you how many junk emails we get where the preview text is just instructions for reading the email in your browser.


Don’t neglect this part. 2019 email readers are inundated with mail and way too savvy.  The preview text should have enough of the steamy details inside to pique their interest and get them to click.


For example, if you’re making an offer for a product, make sure the offer and pricing is visible (EX: 3 tickets to Taylor Swift for only $199! And the deal even comes with….).


#3) Use personable language like you’re talking to a real human being

Using you, your, and you’re (and please god get the usage right) is a must in emails, but so is avoiding salesy language that feels spammy.


This is one of the most important email marketing tips for 2019. Talk to your readers like they are human beings. Tell them you understand their problems and have a solution.


If your podcast is built around helping people build work from home careers, speak to them about how miserable you were at your 9-5 and how that AHA! Moment helped you break through the barriers to support your family solely from working in bed.


#4) Be consistent and send more emails than you think you should

You shouldn’t spam your users. But, hey, they could always just block you, right?


If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that people who don’t want to open won’t open and those who do want to open will open WAY MORE than you think.


Think about it using these two different buyer personas:

  1. Shoe-crazy college student: If she’s in your email list, she wants shoe coupons. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have given you her email. Send regular emails, not periodic ones. Every week or even twice week isn’t bad (who doesn’t love 30% off?)
  2. Work from home reader: Using our same example from before, if someone is subscribed to you because they want to figure how to earn a living from home, why wouldn’t they want all of the info they can get? If they’re stuck in a miserable job, they don’t want to wait another week for more tips…. they want them NOW.


Key takeaway: Be consistent and send lots of emails, just don’t spam.


#5) Value – Value – Value – Sell

This could be dependent on your niche but in most cases providing 3 value email before selling has shown to nurture leads, build a community, and increase sales. If you’re always selling, people won’t trust that you’re actually trying to help them.


Readers want to know that you have their best interests in mind and if you keep providing free value, they won’t even notice you’re selling them anything (it’s a trap!). For example, send 3 emails of your favorite gluten-free recipes before sending that one where you promote supplements.


#6) Use Psychology in the body copy

There are a few things that have shown to motivate all buyers on some level:

  1. Fear of missing out (FOMO)
  2. Scarcity
  3. Social proof
  4. Images of faces


Your email copy should always use scarcity to sell a product (for a limited time, for the next 12 hours, for the first 50 customers, etc.), contain as much social proof as possible, and contain high-res images, preferably of real human beings.


#7) Segment your lists

If you’re a personal trainer selling training sessions at the gym, chances are not all of your clients are ready to do the Spartan Navy Seal 90-day shred challenge. Instead, you’ll probably have groups of beginners, intermediates, advanced clients, and borderline psychopathic exercise freaks.


Craft a different email for each and send accordingly. A beginner email subject line could be “Hey Steve, want to be 10 lbs lighter next week?”. An advanced subject line could be “They told me 7% body was impossible…I proved them wrong”.


Get what we mean? Segmentation works!

#8) Tell your reader why they are being emailed

Establish relevance in the first paragraph. Let them know exactly what’s happening and why this email is for them.


Maybe you’ve got a deal you think is perfect for them. Maybe you found the perfect travel getaway. Or maybe you just wanted to help them try some delicious dessert recipes.


Whatever it is. Let them know.


#9) Think mobile

The last on our list of email marketing tips is think mobile. Mobile is here to stay so make sure your emails are optimized to be read by people distracted by dozens of other apps on their phone.


Some quick tips are:

  1. Shorter subject lines
  2. Small images
  3. Larger font sizes


You might even need to consider using a one-column format.



Email marketing works but only if you do it right. Use these email marketing tips, and you’ll be getting more click-throughs and sales in no time. P.S, don’t listen to anyone else’s email marketing tips.



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