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SodaPDF Presents: FitBit Alternatives That Actually Work!


fitbit alternatives

We tested dozens of activity monitors, and these are by far the best FitBit alternatives available in 2019-20.

Why drop $150 just for a brand name when you can have an affordable FitBit alternative that works just as good for HALF THE PRICE?!

We’ve broken down each alternative based on price and category so you can find exactly what you’re looking for just in time for the holidays (You’re probably buying this for yourself…that’s OK!).

The Best FitBit Alternatives 2019-2020

Let’s be real: FitBit is expensive, but at least you know the brand guarantees quality.

When you decide to purchase an affordable alternative to FitBit, you should be aware of the fact that as a consumer, you’re taking a small risk. All of these activity monitors work just as good as any high-end activity tracker, but stick to these affordable alternatives that we’ve already tested (you’re welcome).

A few of the others that we tested and chose not to list, either broke or flat out didn’t work. With that in mind, let’s begin to discuss the best alternatives FitBit that have been tried, tested and reviewed!

#1) The Best Alternative to FitBit – Garmin VivoFit 4: HALF THE PRICE of FitBit

The Garmin VivoFit 4 is by far the best affordable alternative to FitBit in 2019-2020.

garmin vivifit 4


  1. 1+ year battery NO CHARGING
  2. Waterproof: Shower and pool-safe
  3. Sleek design: Available in black/white and multiple sizes
  4. Feels like air: You barely notice you’re wearing it
  5. Comparable features of FitBit but 50% cheaper

Garmin VivoFit 4 performed as well as FitBit in almost every major category and is nearly 50% cheaper.

It’s literally the closest thing to getting a FitBit, except it doesn’t say FitBit on it. The only difference is you get to keep MORE dollars in your pocket after your purchase.

The price is unbeatable for an activity monitor that’s this good, and you can even use it to check the weather, set alarms, or even set a countdown timer. We tested ours to track our run, be our morning alarm clock, and even used as a kitchen timer for when its time to turn off the oven.

And unlike FitBit, the VivoFit is actually accurate in calories burned, so you won’t accidentally screw up your diet which is one of the pains we hear coming from current FitBit users.

It also hit a home run in measuring distance travelled, so it’s especially valuable to runners that need accurate distance data.

#2) The Best All-In-One FitBit Alternative for Weight Loss: Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker

MOOV NOW is the best FitBit alternative for weight loss easily. Why? It’s the ONLY ONE on our list that comes with real-time audio coaching.

moov now 3d fitness tracker


  1. Audio coaching – Stay motivated and crush weightloss goals with real-time audio coaching
  2. Greater accuracy: 3x MORE SENSORS than the average activity monitor
  3. One low-cost tracker for every major sport
  4. Perfect for everyone from beginners to serious, multi-sport athletes/enthusiasts
  5. Works in the pool, on the track, on the trail, and at home
  6. Work on the wrist or ankle for max comfort

Anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows how hard it is sticking to goals…not anymore.

It’s three-times CHEAPER than FitBit, and still offers customized coaching for cardio boxing, bodyweight, running, and cycling.

Moov Now felt so much easier to achieve our 5K running goals with an encouraging voice telling us to keep going! Now, whenever you feel you want to quit, you’ll have a coach with you wherever you go, just waiting to egging you on.

The best feature for athletes has to be the accuracy. This is one of the most accurate sensors on the market, with up to 3 times as many sensors as standard activity monitors. That means a more granular view of your data to get even better results.

#3) The Best FitBit Alternative for Runners: Amazfit Bip (Join Millions of Runners)

amazfit bip for runners


  1. Next-level running experience: The Mi Fit 3.0 software connects you to millions of runners so you can run together and encourage each other
  2. The most accurate GPS: The Amazfit Bip crushed it in our GPS testing, returning the most accurate track. 
  3. Running with air: It barely weighs more than air. Only 32 grams!
  4. Reflective screen is easy to view even in sunlight

The Amazfit Bip is the perfect affordable FitBit alternative for runners for a few key reasons:

  1. The community keeps you motivated: Imagine having millions of running buddies, each sharing granular tracking data to keep each other motivated. Yeah, it’s that good!
  2. So convenient it hurts: It weighs about as much as air, lets you check your phone messages without stopping your run, and is easy to view even in bright light.
  3. Like having a personal trainer on your wrist: It not only tracks your heart rate and all other standard features, but it also tells you whether your exercises are aerobic or anaerobic. It even tells you if the effects are good or not.

The 45-day battery life is just the icing on the cake. If you’re just beginning to run everyday or marathon-level running enthusiast, this tracker gives you nearly the same functionality as FitBit, just at nearly half the price.

So why wait? Run to your nearest tech shop and get yourself a Amazfit Bip to track your jogs and encourage daily exercise!

#4) The Best FitBit Alternative for Style – Withings Move Hybrid Smartwatch

Call me Hybrid Smartwatch. Withings Move Hybrid Smartwatch.

withings move hybrid smartwatch


  1. Closest thing to a James Bond watch on the market
  2. The only activity tracker with a classic watch look
  3. Old-school analog display shows goals and activity as well as time the old-fashioned way
  4. Lasts forever: 18-month battery life
  5. Hybrid: Fitness, sleep, and GPS all-in-one

This ultra stylish alternative to FitBit helps you track sleep, plus calories burned and distance. And all of that automatically for running, walking, cycling, and 10+ other activities.

Take a look at their Sleep Score feature and see for yourself why this could be the solution to restless nights that you’ve been dreaming of:

withings sleep score

Oh, and it helps you tell the time too. Did we also mention the style looks AMAZING? This is the perfect FitBit alternative for professionals that need to look good in the office, or in their daily life. Feel good telling the time and having this stylish watch strapped to your wrist!

The connected GPS is awesome. Launch an activity from the side button in a single click, and the watch automatically generates a route with work details in your Health Mate companion.

And talk about battery life. This bad boy lasts up to 18 months without a single charge. The plastic case models start at about a third of the price of a regular FitBit, yet the Withings Move Hybrid Smartwatch looks oh-so-much-better.

Sleep Score

#5) The Best FitBit Alternative on a Budget: Toobur Activity Tracker

Weighing in at only 18g and about 7 times cheaper than FitBit, the Toobur Activity Tracker is the best FitBit alternative that falls into our budget category.

toobur activity tracker

For about $20, you get an accurate fitness tracker that:

  1. Automatically tracks distance and calories burned
  2. Displays messages from SMS, Facebook, AND Whatsapp
  3. Tracks your sleep
  4. Is Android and iOS compatible

It’s definitely bare bones since you don’t get all of the features of other models on this list, but it’s the perfect FitBit alternative for beginners, people with only basic needs, shoppers on a budget, or even kids. At 18g, anyone can wear it.

Now for the real downside: The battery only lasts about a week. We guess that’s fine for a $20 activity monitor, but that’s a bit low even for “cheap” products. Charging doesn’t take long at all, but the battery longevity is just a tad annoying.


Finally, here’s a BONUS for you readers! We have one last best affordable alternative to FitBit to share with you. And let’s just say this last watch really makes a splash!

The Best FitBit Alternative for Swimming: Garmin Swim

The Garmin Swim watch is the Michael Phelps of swim watches, and the best FitBit alternative for serious swimmers.

garmin swim watch


  1. The ultimate swimming watch: Tracks swim distance, pace, strokes, and pool lengths
  2. Waterproof up to 50m
  3. Designed for advanced swimmers: Logging drills and timed sets
  4. 12-month battery life
  5. Garmin Connect swim analysis

The price is roughly equal to FitBit, so it isn’t more affordable. However, it is dedicated to actual swimming rather than just to fitness in general.

Get this, the Garmin Swim comes with a ton of features to take your swimming game to the next level.

Including SWOLF, one of the most advanced swimming features in existence. SWOLF is an abbreviation of “swim golf” that calculates your efficiency by adding together your strokes per length and time per length. This helps you zero in on your efficiency and tighten up any weak points.

Aside from that it comes with all of the standard swim tracker features – distance, pace, strokes, and pool lengths – plus tons of awesome features like logging drills at the push of a button.

If you’re serious about swimming, or looking for a gift this Holiday season for a swimmer in your family, then look no further than the Garmin Swim as an affordable alternative to FitBit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an alternative to FitBit?

A: Yes, the main alternative is the Garmin VivoFit. It’s just as good and about half the price. There’s no reason to pay double the price just for a brand name.

Q: Which fitness tracker is the most accurate

A: Definitely the MOOV NOW 3D tracker. It has 3x as many sensors as the standard fitness tracker.

Q: What’s like FitBit but cheaper?

A: All of the models in our review are much cheaper than FitBit besides the Garmin Swim.

Q: Is FitBit really worth it?

A: Not really. It’s definitely a good product, but it’s far more expensive than it should be, especially considering all of the cheaper alternatives.

Q: Is there a cheap fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor?

A: The Toobour fitness tracker comes with a heart rate monitor and only costs $20. If you want more functionality, get the Amazfit Bip.

Final Thoughts on the Best Alternatives to Fitbit

We’ve tested and re-tested all of these models, and they all scored very high in each of our performance and accuracy metrics. In the end, it comes down to the best FitBit alternative for you.

If you’re just looking for the best value, go with the VivoFit. If you need the absolute cheapest, get Toobur.  Simply put: you can’t go wrong with any of these alternatives to FitBit!

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