Easy data exporting: getting the hang of form data in Soda PDF

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Effectively extracting and managing form data is crucial in the current digital era. You can easily export form data in CSV, FDF, and XML, among other formats, with Soda PDF. With its user-friendly tools and simple steps, Soda PDF simplifies the process regardless of how many forms you need to complete.

Exporting Form Data from a Single Form

Soda PDF breaks down the process of exporting data from a single form into a few simple steps:

  • Get your form open: Open Soda PDF to get the form you want.
  • Select the Forms Tab: Select the Forms Tab from the Soda PDF.
  • Choose Form Data: To start the export procedure, select Form Data.
  • Select Export: To continue, select the Export option.
  • Customize and Save: To create your data file with ease, name your file, choose the file type you want (CSV, FDF, or XML), and then click Save.

Combining Form Data from Multiple Forms

Soda PDF provides an easy way to combine data from several forms into a single CSV file in the following scenarios:

  • Open the Export Tool: Find the Export tool under the Forms Tab.
  • Combine Forms to Sheet: To start the process, click Combine Forms to Sheet.
  • Choose Relevant Forms: To select the forms that contain the necessary data, use the Documents to Combine Forms to a Sheet feature.
  • Start the Export Process: After selecting the forms, click EXPORT to start producing your comprehensive CSV data file.
  • Save with Ease: To safely store your data, select the save location, give your file a name, and click Save.

Appending Data to Existing Files

Soda PDF supports both single and multiple form scenarios by providing smooth options for adding data to already-existing CSV files:

Appending Data from a Single Form:

  • Access Export Tool: Navigate to the Forms Tab and select Form Data.
  • Select Append to Existing Sheet: in order to incorporate data into an already-existing CSV file.
  • Choose the desired CSV file: Select the preferred CSV file to which you wish to add the data, then click Open to continue smoothly.

Appending Data from Multiple Forms:

  • Use the Export Tool: Go to the Forms Tab and select the Export tool.
  • Combine Forms to Sheet: To start the process, click Combine Forms to Sheet.
  • Choose Relevant Forms: To seamlessly append data, check the Append to Existing File box after carefully selecting the forms that are required.
  • Indicate the CSV Target: Select the CSV file to attach, then move on without difficulty.

The robust features and easy-to-use interface of Soda PDF make managing and exporting form data a breeze. Try Soda PDF today and experience unmatched accuracy and efficiency for all your data export requirements!

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