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The 6 Best Free Photo Collage Makers for Social Media



Looking for the best FREE photo collage makers to combine your best pics on social media?

These are by far the 6 best out there. Use them to drag, drop, and create beautiful, share-ready collages that tug on your friend’s heart strings on your friendiversary!

A Quick Word About Free Photo Collage Makers – READ FIRST

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, let’s cover a few of the basics you need to know before making your social media collage.

We based our rankings on a few important criteria: Collage quality, ease of use, and UX. If this is your first time using a collage maker, it’s got to be a seamless, intuitive experience – click, drag, create, done.

We also threw a few extra criteria in for the best of the best: Photo templates, editing tools, and shareability (so you can get straight to making friends jealous on IG).

Pretty much all of our selections are compatible with any browser or device, though some might be device-specific.

NOTE: All of these apps/sites can be used for FREE. However, there may be features that you have to pay for.


#1) BeFunky


The best overall photo collage maker online

Extra points just for the creativity!

BeFunky is effortless, creative, artistic, and, yes, it’s extremely FUNKY.

We love it. Now, anyone can be a graphic designer with little to no experience. It’s the best site out there to share your adventures, create a story, or make some powerful promotional materials (posters, etc.).

The editing tools are the best we’ve found online, meaning you can get really FUNKY with your photos (we added endless fun filters to our travel photos).

Our favorite part is their funky Collage Wizard. Most sites make you drag, drop, and create your own collages. Not BeFunky. Upload your favorite photos and the wizard creates it for you. It’s the fastest way to create artistic collages and get them on Instagram or Facebook fast. Just click a few photos and you’re good to share!

Don’t worry, they still have custom layouts and templates galore, including layouts specifically designed for the best social media platforms out there.

Ladies and gents we have a winner from our list of best free photo collage makers.

That doesn’t mean there might not be a better platform out there for you specifically. Check out some of the other entries on the list to see if they click with you.


#2) FotoJet

FotoJEt the 6 best free photo collage makers for social media


The runner up 


FotoJet is packed full of features and extremely fun to use. It would probably be in the #1 spot if BeFunky weren’t so easy to use.

Getting started is extremely easy. Just click on CREATE COLLAGE and you’ll instantly be taken to a page with the most popular templates. From there, add your photos and you’re set.

There are tons of social media-like filters to give your collage a unique look, and you can even use the editing tools to tweak contrast and hue. We like how FotoJet is one of the true FREE photo collage makers. No sign up or registration required. You can even create a collage and print right from your browser. Pretty awesome if you ask us.


#3) Fotor

  fotor the 6 best free photo collage makers for social media


The best tool for making artistic collages

Easy to use, tons of templates, funky options to resize your images, photo stitching, Fotor is another awesome option for making collages on social media, especially if you’re more of the artistic type.

There are two things we like especially about Fotor:

  1. HDR: Instantly enhance your images with their built-in HDR tool. You know how your photos never look as good on social media as those IG models do? Not anymore!
  2. Text function: Adopt fonts directly from your computer or the web to create a truly unique collage tailored to your adventure! Just no Comic Sans please.

Fotor’s Artistic Collage maker is unrivaled, albeit a bit tricky to use for rookies. You can choose from 3 different ratios, add filters, change the background, and dozens of other stunning options all right from your browser. Spend some time playing around with it and you’ll take your game (and collages) to the next level.


#4) Adobe Spark – App

 adobe spark app the 6 best free photo collage makers


The most feature rich collage app


This app comes from the leading name in basically everything that has to do with online multimedia creation. Don’t be intimidated though, it’s extremely intuitive.

It’s the best collage mobile app out there hands down. You get all of the features you’d expect from something with the Adobe name, plus some extra nifty features. You can also create animated video and web stories to share across Facebook and Instagram.

The auto-sync feature is also extremely convenient (you can access your work from multiple locations).


#5) Ribbet – App

  ribbet app the 6 best free photo collage makers for social media


A great app for collages but the free version is lacking


Ribbet is an extremely user-friendly app that lets you create epic collages in a few presses of the thumb. It’s got a ton of unique layouts, and lets you crop and rotate easily.

You can even upload to the cloud and save images over time so you don’t have to take up so much space on your phone (great for traveling!).

The only problem is that the free version doesn’t have that many great features. While this may not be one of the best free photo collage makers, it’s totally worth your consideration.


#6) Canva

 Canva the 6 best free photo collage makers for social media


Great for printing canvas

Canva is a browser-based collage maker comes complete with templates for social media banners and other cool projects like book covers. The best feature in our opinion is being able to add images right from your own social media accounts or choose from their extensive library.

The feature list is impressive to say the least:

  • Photo straightener
  • Image cropper
  • Text to photo
  • Speech bubble maker (our favorite)
  • Transparency tool
  • Photo enhancer

And that’s not even the full list!

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a photo collage on Instagram of your latest adventures is worth 1,000 new followers (maybe).

Instead of taking hours to make your own photo collection or paying god knows what for a monthly subscription, just use these sites and apps and you’ll have a beautiful collage ready in minutes.

Don’t forget to let us know which of the free photo collage makers is your favorite.

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