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How To Split PDF Pages on MAC (Using Soda PDF Online)



Are you a MAC user looking for a simple online solution for splitting PDF pages into new documents?


If so, Soda PDF Online is the software you’re looking for! Soda PDF is a PDF document management software that has been an industry leader for over a decade. Soda PDF has all the powerful tools you need to quickly accomplish any task with ease, including splitting PDFs.


Create a FREE Soda PDF account

In order to use Soda PDF Online, you’ll first need to create a Soda PDF account. Once you’ve loaded Soda PDF Online, be sure to click on the Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen:


Create Account - Soda PDF Online - How To Split PDFs on MAC


Creating a new Soda PDF account comes with a FREE 7-day trial to our entire suite of PDF tools and services, allowing you to get a taste of all of our document management solutions.


Once you’ve created an account and have logged into Soda PDF via our Online application, here’s how to split PDFs if you’re a MAC user:


Upload the PDF document you want to split

Now that we’ve created an account and/or have logged into our Soda PDF account, the next step is to open a document.


There are a couple of ways to open a PDF document using Soda PDF Online. First, from the main screen, simply click Open.


Open Document - Soda PDF Online - How To Split PDFs on MAC


You will then see your Finder window open allowing you to search your MAC computer for the PDF document you wish to split.


Alternatively, if you wish to open a document from Google Drive or another cloud storage service, simply click on the ellipsis icon in the top left corner of the application. The following window will appear:


Open Document from Google Drive - Soda PDF Online - How To Split PDFs on MAC

Select to upload the document via your Computer or Google Drive or simply click Add a Place to connect your other cloud storage services such as Box or Dropbox.


Once you’ve chosen the file, Soda PDF will automatically load the document.


Click on the CONVERT feature

Once your document has been loaded into Soda PDF Online, simply click on the CONVERT feature from the main toolbar at the top of the application:


Split Tool - How To Split PDFs on MAC - Soda PDF Online


The CONVERT feature contains all of the conversion tools you need to turn your PDF document into another format or to convert the pages of your document into new files.


As you can see, you can convert from PDF, export your PDF document as another file format such as MS Office files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even as an image, or you can compress or split your document.


Click on the Split tool from these convert tools.


Select the Split tool

Once you’ve clicked on the Split tool from the CONVERT feature, the following window will appear:


Split Tool - Convert Feature - Split PDFs on MAC - Soda PDF Online


You can select to split All the pages from your opened PDF document, or you can select from a Range of pages within your document to split.


How to split your PDF into pages

Depending on your specific document goal, you might want to split the entire document or perhaps just a few pages and turn them into new PDFs.


Soda PDF Online provides you with two easy-to-use options for splitting your PDF document:



Choose ALL if you wish to split your entire document into several new PDFs:


Split Tool - Split All Pages - Soda PDF Online - How To Split PDFs on MACSimply click on All then choose the number of pages you wish each file to be split into. You can also select when to start the File label starting at which page number too.


Once you’ve selected the number of files you wish to split these pages into, simply click the SPLIT button. You can also CANCEL at any time too.



Want to split only a certain page or perhaps a range of pages from your existing PDF document? No problem! Simply click Range (which is selected by default):


Split Tool - Split Range Pages - Soda PDF Online - How To Split PDFs on MAC


You can then enter the page numbers or the range of pages you wish to split from your document. Just like we saw with the All option, you can also determine when the file labelling should begin too.


Once you’ve selected your range of pages, simply click SPLIT. Soda PDF Online will then automatically begin to split the pages you’ve selected into new PDF documents.


Download your split document

Once you’ve clicked SPLIT, Soda PDF Online will only take a few seconds to process the pages you wish to split from your existing PDF document. A green ribbon will appear at the bottom of the application once successfully processed:


Document Has Been Split - Split Tool - How To Split PDFs on MAC - Soda PDF Online


Your newly split document will appear as a ZIP file in the download tray at the bottom of your web browser. Check your Downloads folder to find the newly split file.


And that’s it, you’ve successfully split a PDF online directly from your web browser using Soda PDF Online! What else can Soda PDF Online do to help you push your documents forward? We’re glad you asked!


Use Soda PDF Online for all your other document needs

Whether you’re looking to edit, create, convert, merge, split, secure or compress your PDF documents, Soda PDF is the only document management software you’ll ever need.


Our powerful PDF tools and easy-to-use applications make managing any document a simple and efficient process. Simply open any document in Soda PDF Online and then use our tools to modify text or pages, convert to or from the PDF format, merge multiple and various file types into one single PDF, secure your files with a password and much more!


Be sure to use that newly activated 7-day trial to get the most of your Soda PDF experience by using all of our simple tools to create professional documents in no time!


MAC users should use our web browser application Soda PDF Online while Windows users can enjoy all of our powerful PDF tools using our offline application, Soda PDF Desktop. Enjoy a more simplified document workflow by using Soda PDF for all your file needs!

How To Split PDF Pages on MAC (Using Soda PDF Online)
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How To Split PDF Pages on MAC (Using Soda PDF Online)
MAC users: split PDF pages online directly from your web browser with no download required! Use Soda PDF Online's Split tool to easily split PDFs on MAC.
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