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How to watermark a PDF



Have you ever wondered how to watermark a PDF document? A watermark is a semi-transparent image that is embedded into the pages of your PDF. They are currently used to authenticate your document in an official capacity.

Historically, watermarks have been used to prevent counterfeiting since this specially designed image will appear in the same location on each page. Before the digital era, watermarks were applied to paper as the pages were being created. This took place while the paper was still wet and while the paper could easily be marked by altering its thickness.

A watermark is an excellent way to brand your documentation. You can use any graphic you’d like and this creates a wide berth of customization. Effective use of a watermark will instantly make any PDF appear more professional while also increasing document security.

Watermarks have found their place in the digital era. Instead of needing to print to specially marked paper, you can apply the watermark directly to a PDF document. The best part of digital watermarks is you can easily remove them and start over if you need to make any corrections.

While using an application like Soda PDF, applying a watermark to your PDF is a few clicks away. This article will explain how to watermark a PDF, and then remove it.


1 – Choose the source of your watermark.  



  1. Open the Review Tab.
  2. Choose Add Watermark.



A window will open where you can customize your watermark to fit your document. Any changes you make will appear in the preview section.

  1. Use the arrows to cycle through the pages of your document.



You’ll first decide the Source of your watermark. You can choose to use text or you can import your own image.

Using Text:

  1. Choose Text.
  2. Type the text you’d like to use into the box.
    1. As you add text it will appear in the preview area.
  3. Configure your font settings.



Using an image:

  1. Choose File.
  2. Click the under Select File to browse your computer and select the file you’d like to use.
  3. Increase or decrease the Absolute Scale to change its size.



2 – Choose the page range for your watermark

 Once you have chosen the source of your watermark, you’ll need to decide where it will appear in your document.

  1. Under Page Range, click one of the buttons to select a choice.
    1. All – Each page of your PDF will receive the watermark.
    2. Range – You decide the pages that will receive a watermark. You can segment the pages:
      1. Using a dash (-) tells the app to apply a watermark to all the pages between the specific page numbers. To print all pages between 2 and 5, you would type in “2-5”.
      2. Using a comma (,) you can add multiple groups of pages. To add a watermark to all pages from 2 to 5, page 8 and then 10 and 11, type in “2-5, 8, 10-11”.
    3. Subset – This dropdown lets you choose whether to apply a watermark to even or odd pages in your PDF.



3 – Setting appearance options for your watermark

The final steps are to configure how your watermark will appear on your document pages.

  1. Under Rotation, click the A that best reflects the orientation you want to use.
    1. Selecting one will update the preview.



  1. Use the slider under Opacity to change your watermark’s transparency.



  1. The Location setting will let you place your watermark above or behind the elements of your PDF document.



There are 9 available positions for your watermark.

  1. Click a box under Position to change where your watermark is placed.


There is one last step to explain how to watermark a PDF.

  1. Click OK to apply it.



Your watermark will now appear on your PDF.




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