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How to Organize Your HR Department the Soda PDF Way


HR document management Do you ever wonder how much information there is in the world? We do. Turns out modern society creates as much information every two days as it did in all the time leading up to 2003.


We bet we know where a good chunk of all that data is: your HR department. That’s why a good HR document management system is essential.



The Need for HR Document Management 

It’s safe to say that we’re living in the information age. With all these details lying around everywhere, managing them becomes a full-time job in and of itself.


Aside from dealing with the sheer volume of data being thrown at you daily, you’ve also got to:

  1. Make sure you’re compliant with government regulations
  2. Secure information from data leaks and cyber threats,
  3. Make documents are accessible so that anyone who needs to can access them whenever they need to, regardless of where they are on the planet.


Plus, you need to do all this on limited HR budgets.


The days of the records office stuffed to the brim with dusty filing cabinets and staffed by grouchy file keepers is long gone. Here are the days of quick, efficient, and affordable digital options for  HR document management. Easy access, instant retrieval, and efficient storage are just the beginning of the benefits of software like Soda PDF.


But first….


Organizational Challenges Facing HR in the Digital Age

The world produces 2.5 exabytes of data every day (had you ever heard of an exabyte before?). To put that into perspective, it’s equivalent to 250,000 Libraries of Congress or 530,000,000 songs! Managing your business’ slice of that pie is a daunting task indeed.


Aside from the penalties that could fall on you if you don’t have the right documents during a government audit, not having the right documents or the right up-to-date info could cost your business thousands simply in lost time and lost business opportunities.


Your HR department is facing the challenges of:

  1. Volumes of data increasing as governments further regulate businesses and companies embrace the power of big data
  2. Security breaches are an ever-present threat (cybercrime costs are expected to reach $2 trillion by 2020)
  3. Accessibility issues due to the size of company networks and varying devices with which individuals access documents.


The key to overcoming these challenges in your HR department is effective document management, especially in terms of organization.


Companies around the world waste countless hours each day. Teams scramble to find documents, find information within said documents, update, share, or archive them, and more.


Data organization is essential to the efficient operation of businesses. With the endless stream of emails, reports, contracts, updates to employee sick leave, and more, a solution that allows for easy access and storage, management or conversion of files, and seamless archiving is key to effectively managing human resources documents.


That’s where Soda PDF comes in.


Want to save time in HR? Learn how to organize candidate resumes and facilitate your hiring process.


Managing HR Documents the Soda PDF Way

Before we all started doing things digitally and living in the cloud, HR document management was done manually. It was a time-intensive task due to the large volumes of physical documents and the time it took to locate them.


Those days might be long gone, but, as we’ve seen, the digital age of document management has brought about some intense challenges of its own.


A simple, comprehensive, and effective solution to many of those issues is Soda PDF. With it, you’ll have access to features that allow you to organize all your vital employee data and clear up the proverbial messy paperwork that is endemic to human resources departments around the world.


Some key features are:

1. Seamless Virtual Drive Integration:

Great for collaboration, sharing documents, and easy opening and saving, Soda PDF offers virtual drive integration with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Evernote.


Each of these virtual drives acts as a backup for all your data and ensures that anyone with access to the account has access to the data they need. As long as they have an Internet connection, doesn’t matter if you are at another branch or on vacation in the Caribbean.


The extra security from the encryption offered by each of these services ensures that all your documents are safe (and you don’t need to lock the office and hire a security guard to make sure of it).


2. Batch Convert and Merge Files:

Converting or combining files in bunches is quick and easy with Soda PDF.


Select the files you want to merge and watch the software work its magic. Whether you’ve got a bunch of CVs to convert into PDFs or want to merge an employee’s achievements, benefits, updates, personal data, and employment contract into one master file, you can do it all in just a matter of clicks.


3. Easy PDF/A Conversion Guarantees Long-Term Storage:

PDF/A is a standardized version of a PDF that guarantees the document can be stored long term. It ensures that you can reproduce a document in the same way regardless of how you access it (for example, from a different device or updated software in the future).


Your company can rest assured that the documents you archive can be retrieved and rendered well into the future.


Check out our full post on PDF archiving here


4. Compare Documents Quickly:

The Side-By-Side View and Compare Documents features come in handy in a lot of common HR situations.


Need to compare two employees’ achievements? How about making sure that vacation and sick leave data match up? Being able to view docs side-by-side comes in handy in more situations than you might think.



The key to having an HR department that operates efficiently is an organized HR document management system. Being able to quickly locate, retrieve, update, compare, convert, and archive documents is paramount to success in a world where the volume of information grows exponentially each year.


Your human resources department has to deal with:

  1. Strict government regulations
  2. Large volumes of information
  3. Security struggles
  4. A limited budget


Soda PDF allows your team to easily organize all your employees’ information and exercise proper HR document management, helping your business operate more efficiently.


Download Soda PDF today!



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