Enhance documents with interactive links using Soda PDF

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Ever wish you could just drop links into your PDF documents so your readers could easily find more information or relevant content? And more, using the user-friendly desktop edition of Soda PDF! Let’s explore how adding interactive links to your publications can improve user engagement and make navigating easier.

Adding Links with Ease

Using Soda PDF’s Edit Module, you may add hyperlinks to your documents to maximize their potential. Just take these actions:

  • Navigate to the Edit Module: Open your file in the desktop version of Soda PDF and select the Edit Module.
  • Enable the Link Feature: The Edit Module’s Link feature can be enabled with a single button click.
  • Select Action: Specify what you want your link to do. To easily provide your audience with pertinent content, choose to open a document via your link.
  • Configure Link: Select your desired file and effortlessly configure your link. With Soda PDF’s user-friendly interface, setting up your link is a breeze.

Verifying and Tailoring Your Links

Make sure your links work smoothly by testing them in View Mode. To ensure that your audience can navigate with ease, click on your link to test its functionality.

Do you need to further alter your links? While in Edit Mode, explore the Properties area to customize your links to the highest standard. With Soda PDF, you can easily generate polished and professional documents by modifying many aspects such as link size and placement.

Optimize the Potential of Your Document

Soda PDF has a ton of tools to improve your document editing experience in addition to interactive links. You may easily resize, move, and customize your links in the Edit Mode.

With the extensive toolkit provided by Soda PDF, you can realize the full potential of your documents. Boost the readability and engagement of your documents to make them stand out in the current digital environment.

Are you prepared to transform your editing experience with documents? With Soda PDF, discover the limitless possibilities right now!

Use Soda PDF to enhance your documents and change the way you interact with your audience!

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