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What is International Day of Forests?


What is International Day of Forests


There seems to be a lot of arbitrary days thrown around. Social media gleefully shares memes of awareness. In some cases, these days have a real purpose. We’re going to look at one that deserves your attention, the International Day of Forests.


Forests are important. They are home to plenty of animal life. They are a huge component in our battle against CO2 emissions.


Forests are also being eliminated at a ridiculously scary rate. Every year, we lose a sizeable amount of forest area globally. When we say sizeable, we mean an area approximately the size of England, every year.


Before International Day of Forests


In November 1971, the “States Members” at the 16th session of the Conference of Food and Agriculture Organization, voted to establish March 21st as World Forestry Day. This manifested as a series of conferences and annual meetings of leading figures of the top minds in environmental science.


While this got the ball rolling, unfortunately awareness was not being effectively raised. In 2007 a couple of scientists realized that people were underselling the role of forests in reducing carbon emissions. They held a conference, this created a new momentum.


The 2007 conference attracted over 800 people including members of governments and prominent NGOs. It was so successful it came back in 2008, 2009 and kept recurring.


What Is International Day of Forests?


International Day of Forests happens every year on March 21st. It is a global effort to raise awareness about the importance of forests to our planet. For people to share facts like approximately 1.6 billion of the world’s poorest people rely on forests for food, fiber, water and medicine.


In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly voted to formalize International Day of Forests. This means each year would carry its own theme creating focus.


Local communities and organizations will run campaigns, often driven through social media. Here is an example of a fantastic video from the Association Teragir.



International Day of Forests 2019


The theme for 2019 is Forests and Educations. The tagline posted by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations describes it best, learn to love forests.


They recommend setting up activities like tree planting campaigns, or even just a regular day spent in a forest. Being in a forest, is the right setting for education related to forests.


They also share this incredible video game for pre-teens, Build a World. It is a simulation showing the benefits of urban forests and trees. It allows the youth to create their own worlds. But done in a unique way.


They also get a taste for the real opportunities available in their local communities.


How PDFs contribute to International Day of Forests


The fact that using PDFs really goes in line with environmental efforts is not lost on us. It’s a main reason why we make a PDF editor. We are actively on a mission to convince others to adopt a paperless approach to life.


Making your documents digitally is fiscally responsible. It also helps contribute to forest preservation efforts. Companies waste a lot of paper, even though it is unnecessary. We made this infographic on why you should go paperless.


We know what can be done with PDF files. So we’re going to share a little trick you can perform. You can make sure no one can print your documents.


How to Restrict Printing a PDF File


Open your file in Soda PDF.

  1. Click to access the SECURE AND SIGN
  2. Pick Secure Permissions.


click secure permissions international day of forests


The Security Settings window will open.

  1. Check the box next to Require a Password to Change Security Settings and Access Specific Functions.
  2. Enter your password and confirm it.
  3. Set the Printing Allowed option to None.
  4. Click Apply.


set permissions international day of forests


Whenever someone tries to print the file they will see the window below.


can't print international day of forests


Feel free to download Soda PDF and check it out. Imagine the change you can influence when others realize printing the file is no longer an option.


They may even discover all the other benefits of working digitally 😉

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