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Job Evaluation Methods: How to Create Proper Evaluation Forms


Job evaluation methodsFeedback & Job Evaluation – Your employees crave it (72% of employees under 30 want it often), your managers thrive on it, and your legal team needs it if there’s a problem with either of the aforementioned groups.


69% of employees would work harder with consistent recognition (Linkedin). No wonder a regular feedback loop is the hallmark of all great companies.


Despite this, the majority of companies still don’t have a modernized system in place to track performance. Time constraints or lack of systems and tools are often cited as the reasons why employers don’t regularly assess teams.


We understand. Creating all those job evaluation forms and sharing them with employees, managers, HR departments, and other teams is time-consuming.


But what if you could create an easy-to-use and interactive job evaluation form faster than you can say “good job!” There’s some hyperbole in there, but you get the point.


Good news! You can use advanced software to engage your employees and make your company more profitable.


Here’s how:


Why Evaluate Your Employees?

The Cold-Hard Facts

Call it our innate desire for social reinforcement, the need to drown out any internal self-doubt, or the Internet conditioning all those connected to expect instant gratification, consistent feedback works.


Organizations are full of people craving recognition. It engages and motivates us.


If you create a streamlined feedback loop, your organization benefits from:


1. More-Engaged Employees:

When managers identify and focus on employee strengths, workers can be up to 30 times more engaged than average


2. Lower Turnover Rates:

80% of generation-Y employees (young people!) prefer on-the-spot feedback over formal reviews, and it shows — companies with regular employee feedback have 9% lower turnover rates.


3. Engaged Managers:

Managers who received feedback on their strengths were nearly 9% more productive.


4. A Clear Reason for Parting Ways:

Disgruntled ex-employees often try to take advantage of the situation and sue for damages. Regular evaluations and feedback are proof that you did all you could to give them a chance to shape up (especially if all documents are signed with E-Sign).


Job evaluation and feedback allow you to gauge your own performance, too. You can unearth conflicts, find out how your employees rate you, and see how you measure up to other big names in terms of creating a great work environment.


So now that you’re sold on just how great regular assessment is, let’s get to how to eliminate traditional challenges and make it easy.


How to Create the Perfect Job Evaluation Form Fast

Creating forms, sending files, and waiting on signatures is time-consuming, and we haven’t even mentioned performing the evaluations themselves. But you can’t let that stop you from performing this valuable task.


Here’s how to create an awesome employee evaluation form, share information, and get everything signed, sealed, and delivered.


1. Create Your Form

It couldn’t be any easier. With Soda PDF’s Forms feature, everything you need is right at your fingertips. Add in some text by clicking “Type Text” and creating a text box in the form. Use the Ruler/Grid to align boxes properly.


2. Add Lists, Buttons, and More:

You can use text boxes (tutorial below) to ask questions or easily add a list box for multiple choice answers. Add some checkboxes next to a list of criteria for easy evaluation. You can even create time-saving buttons that let you print, submit, or email the form right on the page.


3. Authenticate:

Using the E-Sign feature saves you time by letting employees instantly review and acknowledge that they’ve understood the feedback. This will come in handy if you ever need to prove your case against an ex-employee.


4. Optimize Workflows With FDF Files:

FDF files are smaller than PDFs because they only contain data and not the form itself, saving you valuable storage space. When a user clicks “Submit,” they are sending only the data of the form to you. This also ensures that anyone can read the data regardless of the type of PDF reader they have.


Creating the perfect employee evaluation form is easy when your company has Soda PDF.


Regular feedback drives productivity in your business, and saving time while creating simple and interactive evaluation forms is the key to unlocking all the benefits that come with providing it.


Download Soda PDF and create your forms now!



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