Managing layers easily with Soda PDF

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With the sophisticated features of Soda PDF, you can unleash the full potential of your PDF documents! You can now easily manage and alter the layers in your PDFs for a more efficient viewing experience with a few clicks.

The days of battling with disorganized PDFs are long gone. You can choose which elements in each layer to see or hide with Soda PDF, providing you unmatched control over how your document appears.

Simply select the Extras pane from the handy right-side panel to get started. The Layers icon is waiting to empower your PDF editing experience there.

Toggle the visibility of any layer by clicking the eye icon next to it once you’ve accessed the Layers feature. Whether you’re clearing out clutter in your workspace or concentrating on a particular piece of content, you can instantly customize your PDF viewing experience to fit your exact preferences.

While you’re enjoying your newfound PDF management flexibility, keep in mind that layer creation and management are not supported at this time. But don’t worry, our committed team is always working to improve your Soda PDF experience and make sure you have access to the most cutting-edge and effective tools out there.

Come along with countless happy customers who have transformed their PDF workflows using Soda PDF. Today, see the difference and elevate the efficiency and clarity of your documents to new levels!

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