Mastering PDF annotations

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Are you making the most of the annotations in your PDFs? With our Comment Tool feature, you can improve your documents with invaluable insights and feedback. However, seamless printing becomes crucial for sharing or archiving these annotated documents. Let’s look at a short guide to make sure your annotations are clear.

What is an Annotation Layer

Created with the Comment Tab, annotations are more than just extras for your document—they are a separate layer above the text. This creative feature encourages dynamic teamwork without modifying the source document. But understanding how to smoothly integrate these annotations when it comes time to print is essential.

How to Print Guide

Locate the Printer Icon: Click on it to start printing. It is located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Access Print Options: A dropdown menu will appear when you click the Printer Icon. Select ‘Print Options’ to begin customizing.

Choose Document and Annotations: Locate “Print Document and Annotations” under the Print Options menu. Make sure you select this option so that the printout contains your annotations as well as the content of your document.

Finalize and Print: After setting up your preferences, click “Print” to create a hard copy of your annotated document. Observe as your insights flow naturally onto paper.

Unlock the Power of Annotations

Printing your annotated documents will help you improve teamwork and output more than just sharing information. Your annotations effectively capture significant context that must be read, whether the content is a complex legal agreement, a project proposal that is urgently needed, or intelligent instructional material.

To ensure that everyone involved can understand your annotations, follow these easy steps when adding them to printed documents.

Are you prepared to handle documents better? Take advantage of all that your annotations have to offer and transform the way you work together!

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