PDF 2.0 is here: the evolution of the standard

PDF 2.0 Is Here: The Evolution of the Standard

The next generation PDF is finally here. The standard portable document format hasn’t been updated in the post-Adobe world…..until now. And it’s full of rich new features, tighter security, and more real-world practicality than ever before. Let’s take a look at the next step in the document revolution.

When Adobe released the first PDF 25 years ago, even they couldn’t have predicted how it would change the course of business. In 2008, it was finally released to the whole world. This change launched a wave of new and exciting PDF companies (like Soda PDF!) that have changed the way businesses create, store, sign, and share vital business information.

PDF 2.0 is the result of exhaustive collaboration between industry experts and is the next step in the evolution of the standard portable document format. The results speak for themselves—better security, accessibility, and, more importantly, a better experience for the user.

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First, Why Update PDF “1.0”?

Without getting too technical, it’s important to understand why PDF had to take the next step.

It can be summed up in two words: capability and accessibility. PDF 2.0 is both a simplified and upgraded version of the original. The script has been rewritten, condensed, and updated. Before, there were ambiguities, outdated features, and overall complexities that made it harder for developers to create PDF software that enhanced the viewing experience. Not anymore.

Now, developers have the power to create better, more-enhanced tools to enrich capabilities and features at significantly lower costs. This is better for EVERYONE.

New Features in PDF 2.0:

PDF 2.0 is better than its older sibling in every way:

  1. Print and rendering upgrades
  2. New annotation types to support rich media and 3D annotation
  3. Geospatial features
  4. Pronunciation hints

New capabilities for existing features include:

  1. Thumbnails for embedded files
  2. 256-bit AES encryption
  3. Unicode-based passwords (for tighter security)
  4. ECC-based certificates

And this is just the beginning.

So basically, to sum it up, PDF 2.0 is a simplified and enhanced product that allows developers to create a richer and more affordable PDF product. This translates to major business benefits.

How Does 2.0 Make Our Lives Easier?

Any business that uses PDFs has 3 main concerns: security, accessibility, and functionality. You want your documents to be as secure, flexible, and rich as possible. 2.0 delivers on each of these fronts.

1. Unicode and Wrapping for Tighter Security:

0 supports two major security upgrades. In a cloud-connected world, any document that isn’t properly secured is more vulnerable than at any other time in history. Document-level security is more a priority than ever before. Unicode security protocol recognizes non-Roman character passwords and “wrapping”. This refers to information on the encryption method used. This gives the reader more decryption options when allowing an authorized reader to view a document. 

2. More Tools for Greater Flexibility:

Accessibility is also a major concern in modern business. You want your end user (whether in your company or for a client) to be able to have the full experience. 2.0 sports alt-text for images for assistive technologies (such as a braille reader), enriched tagging architecture, and even pronunciation dictionaries to help non-native readers. This is a major boon for international business.

3. Rich Multimedia for Better Experience:

0 supports “PRC”, a 3D modeling language. This allows for better viewing of 3D models, a major upgrade for the aerospace and construction industries. There’s also more room for multimedia content such as audio and visual content. On top of that, they’ve added geospatial support for a richer exchange of satellite, oceanography data, and city planning information.

4. Greater Color Accuracy:

PDF 2.0 has greatly enhanced printing and rendering capabilities. Now, if you are managing multi-page jobs with different inksets, converting an image, or emulating spot colors (this is extremely important for branding, where recreating an image in print is vital), you will have far more flexibility than before.

PDF 2.0 has the power to improve efficiency in workflows and enrich the experience of everyone who uses PDFs (which is basically everyone these days). If you produce, share, or view documents with any reader, the evolution of the standard will help propel your business forward.

Soda PDF 10 is proud to support PDF 2.0 and all of its rich new features. As part of the PDF revolution ourselves, we always strive to be on the forefront of this exciting technology. If you want to enhance the way your company produces, shares, and secures its digital documents, try Soda PDF for FREE today.

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