Exploring enhanced PDF interaction modes with Soda PDF

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Soda PDF’s creative modes are designed to improve productivity and optimize your workflow to help you reach the full potential of your PDF documents. Easily navigate between Edit and View modes with the help of the useful ribbons for Edit, Comment, Secure, Forms, E-Sign, and OCR.

Edit Mode: Unleash Your Creativity

You can edit and personalize your PDFs in Edit Mode. Take charge as you efficiently alter various elements. Here’s how to utilize Edit Mode to its greatest extent:

  1. Tailor Elements to Perfection: Select any document element and dive deep into its specific properties, allowing for meticulous customization tailored to your needs.
  2. Effortless Deletion: Simply press the Delete key to swiftly remove any selected element, ensuring seamless refinement of your document.
  3. Batch Selection: Boost your efficiency by selecting multiple text boxes and images simultaneously. Just hold down the left mouse button, drag your cursor, and watch as elements effortlessly fall into place.
  4. Streamlined Right-Click Options: Access a wealth of editing tools with a simple right-click, empowering you to make quick adjustments and enhancements with ease.

Edit Mode isn’t just for editing – it’s your go-to tool for crafting captivating documents and fine-tuning every aspect of your PDFs to perfection.

View Mode: Dive Into Smooth Communication

View Mode provides all you need to dig into your documents, navigate with ease, and interact with forms, links, and notes. With these essential elements, engage and explore documents at their best:

  1. Seamless Navigation: Dive into your document and effortlessly navigate through its contents with intuitive ease.
  2. Form and Link Interaction: Interact with forms and links seamlessly by simply clicking to ensure they meet your exact specifications.
  3. Quick Annotation Access: Enhance your document with annotations and notes swiftly by right-clicking on the page, granting instant access to a plethora of annotation options.

Whether you’re examining documents, completing forms, or annotating content, View Mode makes sure that the entire process is smooth and engaging.

Open the Door to Better PDF Interaction

The dynamic modes of Soda PDF allow you to do much more than just read and edit documents; you can alter the way you interact with them entirely. You can enhance productivity, streamline your workflow, and let your creativity run wild with Soda PDF’s robust and intuitive features. Experience the future of PDF engagement today.

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