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Why Project Managers Love Using PDF Documents


why project managers use pdf

From improved workflow and tighter security to enhanced collaboration and post-project reflection, project managers use PDF documents and all their awesome features. An app like Soda PDF makes getting a project from conception to completion WAY easier.

Here’s how project managers use PDF documents to deliver projects on time, on budget, and on point every time!


Retain Formatting – PDF Never Changes

Projects are a chorus of moving parts. Sales, marketing, and all your other teams plus external service providers (what, you think we don’t know you outsource?) need to see the SAME thing across devices at all times.

That’s really tough with normal project management software. PDF documents, however, NEVER change (unless you want them to). This comes in handy when updating dashboards and statuses for everyone involved in the project.


Never Run Into Software License Issues Again

Some companies are greedy and refuse to PAY for all the licenses you need. The nerve of some people (#capitalism!).

Listen, we totally understand wanting to keep costs down, but this makes life tough on project managers coordinating across multiple companies with differing software. If you’re using, say, Microsoft Project, it’s likely that most people won’t have it.

PDF lets you share anything, so moving key information to PDF format is a smart decision.


Securing Files to Restrict Important Docs From Changes

This is a key reason project managers use PDF documents.

Documents with contractually binding consequences (e.g. Statement of Work) must be protected at all costs. You don’t want a dispute on your hands.

The Secure Permission feature in Soda PDF makes sure that doesn’t happen … without your permission. By restricting how users interact with your documents, you protect yourself from disastrous liability. You can set permissions for different users and even add passwords for an extra layer of security.

This way, everyone is restricted from making changes, and the document remains in pristine condition. When a user tries to make unauthorized changes, they’ll run into a document security settings message.



Increased Accountability and Streamlined Workflow

Many of our clients claim that Soda PDF has revolutionized their workflow. Why should project managers use PDF documents? No more running around to collect documents, chasing after signatures (more on this next), printing long contracts, or hopelessly trying to coordinate across dozens of departments and service providers.

Soda PDF lets you do it all in one place:

  1. Collaboration: Not only can everyone share the same document, but our software also lets you annotate, highlight, and mark up documents in any way you can imagine. The best part is, everyone can see the notes everyone else has made.
  2. eSign: Want to really accelerate business? Forget about chasing after signatures. eSign lets anyone log in and validate when work is done from anywhere. When it’s time to move the project along, they sign, it moves on to the next person, and everyone is happy they don’t have to wait three days for Dave in New York to sign his John Hancock.
  3. Collaborative Integration: Soda PDF integrates directly with SharePoint and Google Docs, so you can skip multiple steps in the collaboration process. Just upload a document to whichever platform you want, and BOOM, it’s ready to be collabified (we made that up).


Archive ANYTHING to Save Space, Preserve Brainstorming, and Facilitate Updates

Your projects are a confuddling mix of images, text documents, whiteboards, endless email paper trails, and God knows what else (we honestly don’t want to think about it right now).

Soda PDF functions as your Library of Congress AND saves you valuable space while preserving all of your important documents. You can convert all of the PDF files from your projects to PDF/A format for long-term preservation and fast retrieval.

You can also convert important emails into one document to save for later (you know, when it’s time to prove who exactly said what, when and why!).

Soda PDF also lets you digitize any creative work, like whiteboards or even scribbled notes on a piece of paper, to preserve for later use.

DID YOU KNOW?: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you turn text into images that are easily searchable? You can save notes and then use OCR to quickly search these notes for key information. Technology is cool!


Manage Expenses With Ease

Fast Fact: Companies care about project budgets!

OK, jokes aside, budgeting is super important. Soda PDF makes it insanely easy to track expenses.

Take a picture of every receipt and turn it into a PDF. You can combine all of the images into a single PDF file and make your expense report as you go along.

Just make the first page the overall report with important numbers, then use the rest of the pages for images of the receipts.


Project Reflection

After the project is done, a post-mortem on lessons learned helps improve efficiency down the line. The best companies reflect heavily on past projects, and project managers have figured out a few cool ways to use PDF format to make that easier.

Soda PDF recognizes form fields in documents or even lets you add form fields with just a single click if necessary. So you can create a little summary, then add form fields requesting feedback.

Ahhh, reflection.


Soda PDF is an excellent tool for facilitating project management. Use to it to improve security, facilitate collaboration, track expenses, store documents, grab quick signatures, and improve overall workflows. When the project is done, you can even use it to reflect on how awesome it was.

Give Soda PDF for Business a try for FREE and see how it improves your workflows!

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