Simplifying document signing with Soda PDF

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Simplifying Document Signing with Soda PDF

Are you sick and weary of the headaches and hold-ups involved in signing paperwork? With Soda PDF, you can embrace the effectiveness and security of electronic signatures and wave goodbye to the antiquated, time-consuming methods. Our platform provides a complete solution for easily creating and managing document packages with e-signature functionality. Let’s explore how to use Soda PDF to quickly create a new e-sign document package.

Adding Documents Made Easy

Gone are the days of manually gathering and printing documents for signatures. With Soda PDF, adding documents to your e-sign package is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Access the E-Sign Tab: Open Soda PDF and navigate to the E-Sign tab.
  2. Select “Request Signature”: Click on the option to request signatures.
  3. Add Your Documents: Whether you have a document open in Soda PDF or need to upload new files, it’s as simple as clicking the plus sign next to Documents and selecting the files you require.

Your documents will appear on your screen in the order you choose, allowing for easy organization and customization. Need to make changes? No problem. You can rearrange or remove documents with a few clicks.

Effortlessly Add Signers

Once your documents are in order, it’s time to add signers. Soda PDF simplifies this process with intuitive features:

  1. Add Signature Fields: Easily designate where signers should sign by adding signature fields to your document.
  2. Manage Signer Details: Input the necessary information for each signer, including their name, email, title, and company.
  3. Customize Signing Order: Choose whether signers receive the document package simultaneously or in a specified sequence. With drag-and-drop functionality, arranging the signing order is a breeze.

Soda PDF ensures that you have full control over the signing process, from assigning signature fields to managing signer details.

Tailor Signature Fields to Your Needs

Personalize your document further by selecting the type of signature required. Whether it’s a full signature or initials, Soda PDF offers flexibility and customization:

  1. Select Signer: Choose the intended signer from the dropdown list.
  2. Drag and Drop Fields: Place signature or initials fields directly onto your document, adjusting their size and position as needed.
  3. Enhance with Form Fields: Capture additional information by adding preconfigured form fields linked to specific signature fields.

With Soda PDF, you can create a tailored signing experience that meets your unique requirements.

Efficiently Manage Multiple Signers

Managing multiple signers has never been easier. Soda PDF streamlines the process with the following features:

  1. Assign Signature Fields: Add multiple signature fields to accommodate all required signers, each marked with a distinct color for easy identification.
  2. Navigate Between Documents: Quickly switch between documents within the package to add necessary signature fields.
  3. Review and Confirm: Ensure everything is in order before proceeding to the next step with a comprehensive review.

Soda PDF empowers you to manage multiple signers effortlessly, saving time and reducing complexity.

Finalize and Send with Confidence

As you reach the final stages of creating your e-sign document package, Soda PDF offers the tools you need to add those finishing touches and send with confidence:

  1. Set Signing Deadline: Establish a deadline for signing, ensuring timely completion of the document package.
  2. Craft Personalized Messages: Include personalized messages for signers, along with the option to customize email language.
  3. Review and Confirm: Double-check all details, including included documents and added signers, before marking the envelope as complete.

You can send your work right away or save it as a draft with Soda PDF, knowing that your document package is in good hands.

With Soda PDF, you can wave goodbye to laborious paperwork and hello to a streamlined, effective document signing process. Today, discover the power of electronic signatures.

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