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These 8 NEW Features in Soda PDF 11.1 Increase Efficiency


Soda PDF 11.1 Release Notes

The Soda PDF team is super proud of our latest release, Soda PDF version 11.1. This update continues our trend of improving existing functionality and adding new features.

We know you’re here for what’s new. Here are the 8 New Features you’ll find when you update to Soda PDF 11.1.

  1. Text Alignment. You’ll be able to align the text in your text box to the left, right, centered and you can justify it. We got the standard slew ready for use.
  2. Paragraph/Line/Character Spacing – You can customize all the distances related to formatting your paragraphs, in a way that appeases your designer’s critical eye.
  3. Superscript/Subscript – Continuing on our improved text editing, you can add make any text smaller than the existing text. Superscripts will make it above the text like an exponent. Subscript will put it at the bottom, like when writing a chemistry formula.
  4. Bullet Points & Numbering Lists – You can now add bullet points to your text. If you don’t want standard bullets, you can used the numbers based version.
  5. Group / Ungroup – Your PDF pages will often be made up of many separate elements. You can group them together so you can interact with them all at once.
  6. Arrange Objects – Sometimes you need to have 3 separate images layered on top of each other. With a quick right-click you can move some images to the front, and then others to the back.
  7. Align Objects – You can use the quick alignment tool to line up each element along a shared margin.
  8. Horizontal/Vertical Flip – Select your object and get the mirrored version of that object. You can flip them horizontally or vertically.


In addition those new features, we also enhanced a few existing ones:

  1. New Page Tab to house all the page management features.
  2. You can now choose if you want files created with the Soda PDF printer to open in Soda PDF.
  3. New Save Button for forms that lets an end-user save a copy of their form.
  4. New Bookmark nesting tool based around drag and drop.
  5. You can search multiple documents using our new Multi-Search tool.
  6. Modify the width of the pen tool.
  7. Navigate your document by scrolling while holding down the mouse wheel.


Click the image below to access the complete Soda PDF 11.1 release notes in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese & Russian.


Release Notes Link


Make sure to download Soda PDF 11.1 today!

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