04 Jun in  Soda news

Here comes Soda PDF 6.3


We’re unveiling a new edition of Soda PDF – here comes Soda PDF 6.3!

We love being at the forefront of innovation and meeting your needs, which is why we always develop effective and exciting new tools. This time, we’ve taken our flagship product – Soda PDF 6, the first fully modular PDF software – and added a load of new tools to give you even more options to work on more efficient PDF files.

On this enhanced version, Soda PDF 6.3, now includes Soda PDF Online Services, which allows you save, access, and manage your files on the cloud. Because Online Services is Internet-based, you have access to the tool and to your files anytime, anywhere – using your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Convert to PDF to Powerpoint

New features in Soda PDF 6.3 includes PDF to PowerPoint tool in the Convert module. Now you can convert a PDF to PowerPoint and start workign on your next presentation straight ahead.

Enhanced PDF Edit functionality

Our revisited, powerful PDF editor gives you the option for you to replace pages, extract images, and measure elements using the ruler and guide tools in the Edit module  

In addition, you can also place watermarks and manage headers and footers in the Insert module, and compare different PDF documents in the Review module.

Designed with you in mind

You are at the center of these new developments! With Soda PDF 6.3, you now have the opportunity to design more efficient PDFs, manage your documents more easily, and have greater flexibility over the creation and modification of your PDF files. Download Soda PDF 6.3 now for free!

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