Improving forms with Soda PDF’s check boxes and radio buttons

2 minute read

Do you want to make user interaction with your PDF forms more efficient? The simple features of Soda PDF are the best option if you want to add check boxes and radio buttons. Our step-by-step guide guarantees seamless implementation every time, regardless of whether you require users to select one or more options.

Choose Check Box or Radio Button

Soda PDF makes things easier by automatically organizing question answers into groups. To begin grouping, simply navigate to the Forms Tab and choose the Check Box or Radio Button option.

Place and Customize Fields

With a simple click and drag, position your check box or radio button anywhere within your document. Resize as needed, and seamlessly create groups by toggling the Radio Button option. Our Extras panel allows for easy regrouping and management of your buttons.

Customize Properties

Customize your form to your exact specifications by adjusting attributes like look, behavior, and more. Change to Edit Mode, choose your field, and then click the Properties icon to bring up a wealth of customization possibilities. As an alternative, use the handy Extras panel to access properties.

Streamline Deletion

Need to remove a check box? No problem. Simply switch to Edit Mode, right-click on the field, and choose Remove for effortless cleanup.

Test with Ease

To verify that everything works perfectly, quickly test by clicking on your newly added button while in View Mode.

It has never been simpler to add check boxes and radio buttons to your forms thanks to Soda PDF’s intuitive interface and extensive feature set. Improve user experience and expedite data gathering right now!

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