Enjoy peace of mind with Soda PDF’s sanitization feature

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Protecting sensitive data is essential in the modern digital world. You can be sure that Soda PDF’s advanced sanitization procedure will keep your documents safe and clear of any possible privacy or security threats. Our methodical process guarantees that all components of your document—aside from its essential content—are carefully eliminated, leaving behind a clean, safe file that is prepared for dissemination.

What Is Included in the Sanitization Process of Soda PDF?

Our thorough sanitization procedure addresses a wide range of possible vulnerabilities in your documents, including:

  • Metadata Stripping: Removing metadata guarantees that no confidential information is unintentionally disclosed.
  • Embedded Content and Attached Files: To preserve the integrity of the document, any embedded or attached files are carefully removed.
  • Script and Hidden Layer Removal: Get rid of any scripts or hidden layers that could jeopardize the security of your documents.
  • Embedded Search Indexes: To improve privacy, even embedded search indexes are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Stored Form Data: You may be confident that any data leaks are avoided by wiping off any stored form data.
  • Review and Comment Data: To ensure a flawless document look, comments and review data are carefully cleaned.
  • Hidden Data from Previous Versions: For a fresh start, eliminate any remaining hidden data from previously stored versions.
  • Obscured Text and Images: Make sure the document is transparent by removing any shadowed text or images.
  • Comments Within the Body of the PDF: Carefully eliminated are any remarks that are concealed within the body of the document.
  • Unreferenced Data: To improve document clarity, unnecessary information is removed.
  • Links, Actions, and JavaScripts: For a safe document environment, potential security concerns like actions, links, and JavaScripts are eliminated.

How to Use the Sanitize Tool in Soda PDF

Step 1: Select the Sanitize Tool.

  • In Soda PDF, select the Secure tab.
  • To start the process, select the Sanitize option.
  • After confirmation, click OK to continue.

Pro Tip: For quick, hassle-free document security improvement, choosing to suppress the warning notice simplifies further sanitization procedures.

Step 2: Save Your File

  • Provide a name for your newly sanitized PDF.
  • Save your file to preserve the clean, secure version of your document.

Soda PDF allows you to easily protect your private documents with a few clicks, giving you peace of mind in an increasingly connected world. Take charge of your document security right now with the sophisticated sanitization tool of Soda PDF.

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