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The Best Document Template Sites 2019 (Some FREE)


Why would you ever start a doc from scratch when you can find amazing template sites for everything from invoices, presentations, and calendars to newsletters and brochures?


Don’t waste your time sifting through all the Google results for best document template sites. The majority just waste your time and eventually ask you to pay to gain access to anything halfway decent.


These are the 5 sites we use regularly for our doc templates. Some are even 100% FREE!


NOTE: We use ALL of these template sites depending on which kind of document template we’re after.


Yes, #1 is our favorite and the hands-down winner because it has literally every template in the known universe, but #2 is SUPER CONVENIENT and probably better if you’re in a pinch. Our bonus site is also perfect if you need free, basic templates.


What we’re trying to say is, you should give each of the template sites a chance, especially if you need them on the regular.


Anyway, let’s get kickin’.


#1 – The Best Document Template Site of 2019: Template.net


templates.net best free PDF templates 

What’s in a name?




Hard to argue with Template.net at the top spot. The name is a URL!


Seriously, though, they have 50,000+ design templates for everything from human resources and accounting to plain docs and legal documents.


But what really puts it head and shoulders above the rest—at least in terms of the templates themselves—is the level of detail. No other site has this many obscure templates like:

  1. Commercial loan agreements
  2. Religious newspaper/newsletter
  3. Pool party invites (SATURDAY AT 13:00! SEE YA THERE)
  4. Yoga teacher business cards


You’ll probably have more fun browsing the site than using any of the templates! We sure do. You won’t ever need another template site again regardless of what you’re trying to do. And we mean that 100% honestly.


templates.net results best free PDF templates


Obscure templates aside, you can also find super standard docs like:

  1. Emails
  2. Newsletters
  3. Business cards
  4. Flyers
  5. Menus
  6. Reports
  7. Tax forms


You know what we mean.


OK, on to the bad news…


NOTHING this awesome ever comes free. The basic membership is $8 a month, and that’s TOTALLY worth it, but if you’re looking for free templates, this isn’t the spot. Also, it is a bit tough to navigate. There are just too many things to choose from if you are the kind of person that loves shiny new objects.


VERDICT: Template.net is far and away the best document template site out there. Where else can you find a template for real estate agent emails, your kid’s pool party, and your official tax statement all in one place? The downside is that it costs money if you want the good stuff, and it’s a bit complex for newbies.


#2 – The Best FREE Template Site – Office.com (Templates.Office.Com)


templates.office.com best free PDF templates


Next up is a tiny company that you have probably never heard of, but actually has tens of thousands of cool templates ready for immediate download. And all 100% FREE!


Back to reality. Microsoft already owns everything—you included—so you might as well keep them happy by using their templates. They’re actually awesome! Any time we need a company flyer, cool calendar, or office planner, we just head over to their site, click the blue “Download” button, and we instantly have a cool template to use.


Just plug your data in and you’re done. It’ll take 5 minutes max for the majority of basic templates.


Where MS kicks Template.net’s butt is in the usability section (aside from it being FREE).


templates.office.com download template best free PDF templates


The website tastes like a perfectly grilled burger cooked equally on both sides. Is that making sense?


What we’re trying to say is it’s so perfect it hurts. The colors are awesome, the layout is clean and manageable, and the navigation is simple. Plus, the color scheme is easy on the eyes.


Our favorite feature is how they divide categories. Unlike Template.net, which kind of just throws the categories at you, Microsoft divides them by popular categories, events and occasions, and popularity in apps such as Word or Excel.


templates.office.com categories best free PDF templates


That way, you know exactly where to go to find the best docs, spreadsheets, and presentations.


VERDICT: Microsoft is amazing and free, but it doesn’t have the same range of docs that Template.net has. Still, that might be a good thing for you. It’s easy to navigate and has all of the business docs you need. Give it a try.


#3 – TidyForm (Great for Financial Forms)


tidyform.com best free PDF templates


TidayForm is another great site. It might not be on the level of Microsoft or Template.net, but it still has 20,000 plus forms in over 3,000 categories.


The reason it made it on this list is due to the quality of its financial forms. If you’re looking for professional financial templates, this is the place to go.


We use it for bank statements, credit statements, and our own personal financial statements as well as odds and ends like cash flow or income statements.


tidyform.com view templates best free PDF templates


Another bonus of TidyForm is that it has tons of cool/useful forms you might not find on other sites so easily, like:

  1. Last will and testament (not “cool”, but useful!)
  2. Rental application forms
  3. Incident reports
  4. Petitions
  5. Inventory templates
  6. Appeal letters


You never know what you might find hidden in the bowels of this site, and that’s what makes it so fun to browse. Where else will you find a BIODATA form?


BONUS – Docs.Google.com


google docs best free PDF templates


Did you know that some of the best templates are not only free but hidden right beneath your nose?


Google Docs is one of the most common cloud document sites out there, and their templates are high-quality, easily accessible, and totally FREE.


They might not be as great as some of the other sites out there, but if you need an invoice, spreadsheet, resume, brochure, or a basic report, it’s quick and easy to get started.


You can also find cool templates like:

  1. Team meeting notes
  2. Project proposals
  3. Consulting agreements
  4. Non-disclosure agreements
  5. Software licensing


That’s only scratching the surface! Just go to Docs.Google.Com, sign in with your Gmail account, and choose from the templates at the top of the page.


If you need basic templates, don’t waste your time with huge sites, just go to Google. If you need something more professional or detailed, then use a bigger site.


The best document template site comes down to your budget, needs, and ability to handle looking at thousands of colors, templates, and icons at one time!


…we’re only half joking. Happy templating!


P.S. we’re serious about that pool party!


Before we part ways, we wanted to shamelessly plug out app. Regardless to the original format you can create PDFs out of these templates. Then you can secure them in Soda PDF and send them out as needed.


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