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Top 25 Tech Conferences of 2020 (By Month)


Top 25 Tech Conferences for 2020 presented by Soda PDF


Welcome to our mega-guide for navigating through the top tech conferences of 2020.


There are so many tech gatherings across the world every year, yet so few are actually worth your time. 


We’ve compiled a list of the most-attended, highest rated, and most respected conferences across software, cybersecurity, IT management, digital art, and every other tech field you can imagine. 


If you want to further your career, network, or keep your business one step ahead of the competition, this is where to HAVE TO GO.


Is your passport ready?






Pink20 Tech Conference


When: February 16 – 19, 2020


Where: The Bellagio. Las Vegas, Nevada


What: IT service management


Holy ITSM services management conference, Batman!


Pink20 is the world’s premier IT services management conference, and the only conference on our list with a Batman theme.


This is THE conference for IT pros who want to learn to be like Batman: Ingenious, clever, on the forefront of technology, and courageous.


Topics covered range from automating IT services and the 5 super villains every IT company faces to the future of information technology.


Plus, it’s right on the Last Vegas strip!


CIO Nordic Summit


CIO Nordic Summit - Soda PDF


When: February 19th, 2020


Where: Grand Hotel. Stockholm, Sweden


What: Chief Information Officers discussing the latest topics/trends/solutions


The CIO Nordics Summit is a chance for CIOs and other IT professionals to discuss (And SOLVE) serious issues facing information officers amid political and economic instability.


CIOs are becoming more and more important as economies and governments shift, and this conference is a unique chance for attendees to join roundtable discussions and 30-minute meetings. This year’s topics include:


  1. Building and Managing Hybrid Clouds
  2. Early-phase IoT Adoption
  3. Digitalisation and Digital Transformation
  4. The Origin of Innovation in the Enterprise
  5. Big Data Environment ” The Latest of the Latest
  6. Strategically Securing the Enterprise




RSA2020 - Soda PDF


When: February 24-28, 2020


Where: San Francisco, California


What: Cybersecurity


RSA Conference, or RSA2020 as its called this year, is a meeting of the world’s leading minds in cybersecurity to share knowledge, teach others, and identify exciting new technologies and major threats in the coming year.


This is the place to further your career in this burgeoning field, identify and eliminate serious threats to your business, and discover the latest cybersecurity technologies (Product demos are awesome!).


BONUS: Penn and Teller are speaking this year!


MWC Barcelona


MWC Barcelona - Soda PDF


When: February 24-27


Where: Barcelona, Spain


What: Mobile technology/Intelligent connectivity


MWC is the largest mobile technology even on the planet. MWC Barcelona a massive gathering of the world’s leading innovators, movers and shakers, and big name companies, all sharing their vision of intelligent connectivity.


This conference will explore the possibilities of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), including:


  1. Customer engagement
  2. The power of media and entertainment
  3. Security and privacy
  4. The 5G era (Sponsored by Deloitte)


Big name exhibitors include Cisco, McAfee, and IBM.


Oh, and did we mention Barcelona?


Barcelona Plane View - Soda PDF





Cloud Expo Europe


Cloud Expo Europe - Soda PDF


When: March 11 – 12


Where: London, UK


What: Any and all things cloud


The UK’s leading tech summit. Sponsored by IBM. Smack dab in the middle of one of the world’s largest financial hubs.


Cloud Expo Europe is the place for cloud professionals, industry experts, and business managers to learn, network, and discover.


This is the perfect conference for anyone – cloud-first, scaling up, refining, or just starting out – that wants to learn about emerging trends, the latest cloud-tech, advice from experts who’ve been-there-done-that, and market forecasts.


Major topics include multi-cloud optimization, digital transformation, and essential cloud skills.


Adobe Summit


Adobe Summit - Soda PDF


When: March 29 – April 2


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada


What: Marketing automation and commerce


Tom Brady.


That’s all we have to say…


Just kidding.


Besides the star-studded speakers – CEOs of big names like Linkedin, Actresses, TOM BRADY! – The Adobe Summit is 400 sessions and labs dedicated to teaching you the who, what, and how of marketing automation and analytics.


This year, you’ll be inspired by the leaders of innovations all while learning about:


  1. Analytics and the customer journey
  2. B2B marketing
  3. Optimizing your shopping experience
  4. The latest trends in automation
  5. Email marketing
  6. Tom Brady


And all from fabulous Las Vegas!


App Growth Summit LA


App Growth Summit - LA 2020 - Soda PDF


When: March 5th


Where: Los Angeles, California


What: All things mobile apps


3 years ago, the best minds in mobile apps had a crazy idea: How about a whole day of content dedicated to helping mobile app marketers, brands, and professionals network, share, and learn about the latest trends in the industry.


This year’s App Growth Summit lineup features geniuses from major names like Blizzard, Mozilla, Grubhub, and a little search engine called Google.


Gartner Data & Analytics Summit


Gartner Data & Analytics Summit - Soda PDF


When: March 23 – 26


Where: Grapevine, Texas


What: Data & analytics


This is a must-attend conference for data & analytics professionals. Gartner is the world’s foremost research and advisory company. You’re playing with the big dogs here at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit.


Topics range from building an effective data and analytics strategy and deep-dive tutorials on data analytics tools to developing leadership skills to bridge the gap between data and IT.




Red Hat Summit


Red Hat Summit - Soda PDF


When: April 27 – 29


Where: San Francisco, California


What: All things open source/IT


We’re back to The Bay at the end of April for the world’s premier open source/IT event.


Thousands of IT professionals and people from all walks of life will descend on San Francisco to learn about hybrid cloud services, automation, general IT, and cloud-native app development.


And that’s just scratching the surface…


If you’re interested in high-performing Linux, cloud, automation and management, container, and Kubernetes technologies, this Red Hat Summit is the conference for you.


Google Cloud Next


Google Cloud Next - Soda PDF


When: April 6 – 8


Where: San Francisco


What: Google Cloud innovation


3 straight days of Google Cloud pandemonium in The Bay at the beginning of April.


A behind-the-scenes look at Google Cloud innovation technologies, in-depth talks from leading brands on how they’re harnessing the cloud to innovate, and hands-on labs to learn how to use this exciting tech for your business.


This is the place to accelerate your business with the world’s leading search engine. Topics include training in:


  1. AI
  2. API
  3. Cost management
  4. Data analytics
  5. Security
  6. Storage


Did we mention this is Google? GO!


Ted 2020


TED 2020 - Soda PDF


When: April 20-24


Where: Vancouver, BC


What: The future of humanity


TED is the world’s foremost gathering of minds from all disciplines.


World-changers, innovators, healers, and deep thinkers converge on Vancouver to tackle the world’s most interesting ideas.


This year’s talks touch on human potential, life fulfillment, political turmoil, and the future of humanity itself. This year’s theme is “uncharted” – that is, our future and how we’ll get there.


If anything, this will be fascinating!




Microsoft Build


Microsoft Build - Soda PDF


When: May 19-21


Where: Seattle, Washington


What: Web development


Microsoft promises that anyone who attends will leave a better developer.


This is your chance to meet the engineers behind the industry’s most-used products and connect with thousands of peers in the development world.


Learn from tech sessions, panels, and hands-on labs. Expand your network by meeting the decision makers behind the planet’s biggest software company. And take your coding game to the next level with direct, one-on-one support.


There’s no other opportunity like this for developers any other time in the year, so be sure to check out Microsoft Build if this sounds like a can’t miss to you!




CLOSER 2020 - Soda PDF


When: May 7-9


Where: Prague, Czech Republic


What: Cloud computing


CLOSER is another cloud computing summit perfect for professionals who want to learn about infrastructure, operations, and global services.


This conference is especially concerned with Services Science, an interdisciplinary approach to the study, design, and implementation of service systems.


It also happens to be in one the world’s most beautiful cities: Prague.


IBM Think


IBM Think - Soda PDF


When: May 4-7


Where: San Francisco


What: All things business and technology


IBM Think is your opportunity to get hands-on experience in the latest advancements in technology.


This year’s revamped curriculum includes multicloud solutions, big data, and AI, among other exciting topics.


This is literally like attending hundreds of different conferences all wrapped in a single ticket. No other conference rivals the breadth of this one, with speakers from all walks of life including: IBM’s CEO, Red Hat’s CEO, Imogen Heap – a leading composer and artist, documentarians, gaming innovators, and other inspiring leaders.


This one is can’t miss!




Big Data Toronto


Big Data Toronto - Soda PDF


When: June 3 – 4


Where: Toronto, CA


What: Big data and AI


Big Data Toronto is a 360-degree overview of the big data industry, complete with two days of skill-based workshops and product demos.


5,000 attendees, 150 speakers, 90 brands_this is how you future-proof your business and build a network that matters. Topics include data science, accelerating your business, emerging threats, AI, and actionable privacy advice.




Collision - Soda PDF


When: June 22-25


Where: Toronto, CA


What: General tech


Collision is North America’s fastest growing tech conference, and where the giants of the industry assemble to discuss policy, technology, and other exciting tech topics.


150 speakers, 30,000 attendees, and 1,300 journalists collide with investors and media from every corner of the globe. Collision truly is a crossroads for the global tech industry.




Mobile Growth Summit NY


Mobile Growth Summit - Soda PDF


When: July 16


Where: New York City


What: Mobile growth


The Big Apple hosts the NY branch of the world’s largest mobile growth series. Mobile Growth Summit is a one-day event and an excellent opportunity to connect with mobile app professionals and industry leaders in branding, development, management, and innovation.


The conference is a rapid fire series of workshops, panels, and networking events all designed to give you an edge as a mobile app company. This is a must-attend for developers, managers, and other app professionals.




2020 New York Global Innovation Summit


2020 New York Global Innovation Summit - Soda PDF


When: August 20


Where: New York City


What: Leadership


The Global Innovation Summit is where professionals become leaders. This one-day conference is a tour de force in unique insight, best practices, first hand experience, and discussions among the world’s foremost business leaders.


Want to be a leader? Who better to learn from than the CIO of the United States Department of Defense, the Chief Technology Architect of Verizon, and the CTO of Hudson’s Bay Company?


Key Areas of Focus Include:

  1. Strategy, Process Improvement and Alignment
  2. Innovation and Technology
  3. Career Management and Leadership Development



VMworld 2020


VMworld 2020 - Soda PDF


When: August 30 – Sep 3


Where: San Francisco


What: Virtualization


The world’s largest and most fascinating virtualization event (VMworld) takes place in San Fran at the end of August, bringing together names like Amazon, IBM, Dell, and Intel.


Virtualization is the art of running a virtual version of a computer system. And this 5-day virtualization-athon is full of panels, exhibits, discussions, and training involving cloud computing, network security, digital workspace, and discussion on disruptive trends.




Re.Work – The Deep Learning Summit


Re.Work - The Deep Learning Summit - Soda PDF


When: September 17-18


Where: London, UK


What: Deep learning (Surprise!)


The Deep Learning Summit in London is where you want to go to see practical examples of applying AI and machine learning to solve business challenges.


This is where pioneers at the forefront of self-learning computers (The end is near) share their wisdom, experience, and visions of the future.


400 leading technologists and innovators, 30 speakers, and countless interactive workshops all make this a must-attend for 2020 for anyone even remotely involved in tech.


Microsoft Ignite


Microsoft Ignite - Soda PDF


When: September 21-25


Where: New Orleans, Louisiana


What: General technology


One of the most comprehensive and far-reaching tech conferences takes place on the bayou in September.


1,000 + sessions, 200 + hands-on experiences, and 25,000 attendees make this one of the year’s MAMMOTH conferences.


Connect with experts in cloud, hybrid infrastructure, and security, as well as network for days and days on end. This is a gathering of the “who’s who” of tech, with sponsors like NetApp, Veritas, Dell, and, of course, the biggest name in software, Microsoft!


If you want the best chance of meeting a real major decision maker and making a great impression, be sure to attend Microsoft Ignite.






SaaStock - Soda PDF


When: October 12-14


Where: Dublin


What: Software as a service


This is like Disneyland for SaaS companies. Of all the conferences on this list, this is the only one that “kicks SaaS”.


Over 4,000 leaders gather to teach attendees how to gain traction, accelerate growth, and scale to the moon and beyond.


Practical workshops, relevant speakers giving cutting-edge insight, and meaningful connections with the biggest names in the biz all make this trip to Dublin worth every penny.


Adobe Max


Adobe MAX - Soda PDF


When: October 19-21


Where: Los Angeles, California


What: Creativity


This is the most creative entry on the list, and you’re about to see why.


Recognize these names?


  1. Dave Grohl
  2. M. Night Shyamalan
  3. Billie Eilish
  4. Vampire Weekend


This is the only conference attended by the biggest names in creativity from music and art to photography and TV.


This might not seem like a tech conference, but don’t be fooled. Adobe MAX is full of awesome workshops for digital illustration, software, and recording plus a ton more creative skills.


One look at the sponsors and you’ll see why it’s considered a tech conference:


  1. HP
  2. Asana
  3. Samsung
  4. Workfront




2020 San Diego Tech Leadership Conference


2020 San Diego Tech Leadership Conference - Soda PDF


When: October 27


Where: San Diego, California


What: Leadership


November is a light month for tech conferences, but if you missed the New York stop of the tech leadership conference series, then definitely take a day to check out the San Diego branch.


It doesn’t have as many heavy hitters as the NYC stop, but the weather and venue are way nicer! You’ll hear from the CIO of Crowdstrike, the VP of Golden State Foods, and the president of HMG strategy. All of them will share deep insights into leadership and how to steer your company in the right direction.




Re: Invent


Re-Invent - Soda PDF


When: November 30 – December 4


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada


What: Cloud computing/AWS


Amazon throws its weight around to close out the year with Amazon Web Services’ Re:Invent right on the strip in Las Vegas.


Re:Invent is nearly a week of cloud computing knowledge bombs and insights into one of the world’s richest and most powerful companies.


2020 topics are not set in stone, but they’ll most likely mirror 2019’s. Those included optimizing your cloud infrastructure, insights into AWS customers and trends from the CEO of AWS himself, and the CTO of Amazon teaching the technical underpinnings of AWS…and that was all in one day.


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