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Create Your Own Valentine’s Day Card With Soda PDF (FREE Templates)


Valentine's Day Cards Templates- Soda PDF


If Valentine’s Day cards be the appetizer for love, read on.


With less than twelve nights to go until February 14th, the time to find the perfect card for that special someone is running out.


Whether you’re looking for that special significant other or looking to to make the 14th a special day for your lover, nothing quite says Happy Valentine’s Day than a personalized card.


Here at Soda PDF, we want to help you share the love this Valentine’s Day. Which is why we’ve decided to help those express how they’re truly feeling by providing custom Valentine’s Day templates for everyone to share this 


Plus, learn how with Soda PDF’s desktop application, you have the power to create your very own custom Valentine’s Day cards


Now that’s what we call the power of love!


Soda PDF’s Collection of Valentine’s Day E-Cards


From now until Valentine’s Day, Soda PDF will be releasing one of our many homemade Valentine’s Day cards. Check out our entire collection below and download them for FREE:


February 6th – Happy (Band-Aid Free) Valentine’s Day

Download the card or download the creative assets.



Download the Card or  download the creative assets


Share the love (and our cards) this Valentine’s Day with Soda PDF!


How To Create Your Own Template Using Soda PDF


Soda PDF is the perfect software for creating your very own cards, and there’s no better time to get started with February 14th right around the corner!


Without further ado, let’s dive into how to create stunning personalized cards!


Step 1: Open Soda PDF & Select “Create PDF from Blank”


Open your Soda PDF desktop application.


Open Soda PDF - Create PDF from Blank


In order to truly customize your card, we recommend choosing to Create PDF from Blank.


Create PDF from Blank - Soda PDF


Once you’ve clicked on this option, your new blank PDF file will be staring you in the face ready for the next step!


Step 2: Add Your Border

Click on the Insert tab, then select the Insert icon.


A window will open for you to search your computer for your border.



Once you’ve inserted your border of choice, its time to move onto the next step!


Step 4: Use Our Ruler Feature

Now that our border has been added, its time to adjust the margins accordingly.


Click on the Edit tab, then select the Ruler tool at the far right of the toolbar.



Once the Ruler tool is selected, proceed to adjust the margins of your document:



Start by holding down the left-mouse button as you drag the ruler lines from the left side of the application. Then, pull down the lines from the top of the application to rule the top and bottom of your border.



Be sure to leave some space between the margins and your border. Next, adjust the border so that it fits your newly shaped frame.


Here’s what we suggest your document should look like:


Border & Margins - Ruler Tool - Soda PDF


Ready to start adding images? We thought so! Before moving on though, we suggest turning off the Ruler tool for an easier time editing your card.


Step 6: Insert Images

Go back to the Insert tab and, you guessed it, click on the Insert icon.


Once again, Soda PDF will prompt you to find the folder to which you wish to add an image from.



Once your image of choice has been inserted, press and hold on the left button of your mouse to start dragging the image to the center of your border.



You will see green marginal lines appearing, indicating whether or not this newly added image is indeed at the center (or heart?) of your card.


Repeat these steps if you wish to add more images to your card. If you’re happy with the look of your card, then its time to move onto the feel.


Step 7: Type Your Text


To start typing text onto your custom card, from the Edit tab select Type Text:



Then, click on the area you wish to add your text to:



Much like you would in a Word processor, you can modify the font type and size of your text from the Edit tab:



Once your text has been added, you can drag the text box and Soda PDF will show through green margins if your text is centered in the document or not:



Finally, select the wrench icon from the toolbar on the far right of the application, then select Appearance tab to adjust the color and sizing of your text:



By now, your card has text added to it and you’ve nailed the look and feel of your custom card.


Final Step: Share Your Card


And that’s it! You’ve successfully created your own personalized card, congrats!



Simple, yet to the point. Well done!


The final step, of course, would be to spread the words on your card by sending them to your special someone.


Customize Our Templates Your Way

If you like our templates the way they are, that’s great! But we encourage you to put that new knowledge of card customization to good use by altering our Valentine’s Day cards the way you see fit.


STEP 1: Open Soda PDF & Drag-and-Drop Our Card Template


The first step is quite simple: open your preferred PDF editor (Soda PDF) to get started.


Open Soda PDF Desktop Application - Soda PDF


No need to select an option this time. Simply drag-and-drop your file into the application and Soda PDF will automatically start to convert the file to a PDF.


By having the edge of your desktop exposed slightly, you can simply drag-and-drop your file directly into Soda PDF and the application will automatically open your card:


Upload Valentine's Day Card - Soda PDF


So far, so good right? By now, you’ve likely read the card and can’t wait to start customizing this Valentine’s Day card for that special someone.


Step 2: Modify Your PDF


Now that we’ve added the card into Soda PDF, its time to modify this document your way!


Should you want to add a line of text to this already made PDF document, you can do so by selecting the Edit tab at the top, then selecting the Type Text icon:


Type Text - Soda PDF


Pick a spot on the Valentine’s Day card in which you’d like to add your text. We decided to add a line of text below the card, like so:



Start typing your personalized message, like so:



If your text is going too far, simply select the text field and drag it over to the middle of the card.


Highlighting your newly added text and then clicking on the wrench icon on the toolbar at the right of the application will open the Properties tab:



Here, you can change the color of your text or the font weight, the scaling or spacing of the words and paragraphs.



By the end of this process, your card will look something like this:



We’re just about ready to start sharing this lovely card, but there’s one last important step left!


Step 3: Block Printing


Finally, you’ll want to block printing since this Valentine’s Day card will be sent electronically. Furthermore, by preventing printing, you’ll also be doing the planet some good.


You’ll need to select the Secure & Sign tab to start, then select Secure Permissions. The following window will appear:


Restrict Permissions - Soda PDF


Be sure to check off the “Require a Password…” in order to be able to add your restrictions. Next, choose a password. In case you were wondering, our password is Love.


Once your password has been added, under the Printing Allowed select None from the drop-down menu. Finally, click Apply to add these restrictions.


And there you have it! Your card is ready to be sent to that special someone. We’re certain that Carol, or whomever your intended reader is, will be absolutely delighted with this thoughtful, homemade Valentine’s Day card.


What Else Can Soda PDF Do?


We’re glad you asked! If you love using Soda PDF as much as we do, then you’ll be happy to hear you can get a FREE download of our desktop app, or try out one of our many online tools from the comfort of your web browser.


Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that Soda PDF software can help you edit, create, convert, merge and do just about any modification you’re looking to make to your files.


So be sure to get a taste of Soda PDF and see how we can help make the most of your documents…and your Valentine’s Day!


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