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Why E-Sign Matters When Working from Home


Why E-Sign Matters - Soda PDF


For those of us who are fortunate enough to be working from home, we’re facing new challenges every day.


Maybe you’re staring at a nondisclosure agreement keeping you from moving forward in the sales process, or you’re trying to get approval for expensing your internet overture fees back to the company. Maybe the stacks of paperwork you shuffled home are stuck in limbo, needing the initials of your direct report.


Or maybe you’re realizing how disjointed your team, office & workflows have become due to COVID-19. Whatever these new challenges may be, companies and their employees are adapting as best they can through various technologies.


And the use of electronic signatures is a solution that should not be ignored, but embraced in today’s #WFH world.


What Is E-Sign Exactly?

If you thought signing off on contracts or invoices would be no longer possible, you haven’t heard of the solutions E-Sign can provide.


Electronic signatures (or e-signatures) are legally binding signatures conducted electronically. E-Sign refers to our feature, whereas e-sign refers to the action of completing your legally binding signature through our application.


E-Sign is ideal for those who need to quickly send and sign contracts to various signees (real estate agents, for example) or for parties who may be miles apart geographically.


Furthermore, e-signs help keep distance between the signees needing to physically sign with pen and paper. With social distancing being prioritized for our collective health and safety, E-Sign will help keep business as usual as much as possible.


Soda PDF’s E-Sign feature allows users to sign and collect e-signatures in real-time:


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Hence why electronic signatures now matter more than ever, especially to keep driving businesses or personal needs forward. We can’t, nor should we, sign off on preventing invoices, contracts and paper trails from reaching their end goals.


What Makes E-Sign Different From Digital Signatures?


E-Sign should not be confused with adding digital signatures to documents, as e-signatures are legally binding whereas digital signatures are not. Discover the differences between these types of signatures.


Reasons To Use E-Sign

Much like how the portable document format, or PDF for short, helped limit the need to print as a data storage tool, electronic signatures will help limit the need for all signees to be in the same physical space.


Save on paper, money & time

Other than the fact that physical copies of contracts can become ripped, torn or worse exposed to unwanted readers, by using E-Sign you and your company or parties will be saving trees by avoiding the use of paper.


Realtors and lawyers alike know all too well how costly shipping documents via express post can be. With E-Sign, those costs disappear, which saves them not only money but time as well.


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Keep everyone on the same page

Changes happen and sometimes we struggle to adapt or adjust based on unforeseen circumstances. This can happen with contracts or invoices, in which dates change unexpectedly and thus revisions are required.


Think about all that shredding that might need to take place in those circumstances. By going electronic (and using a PDF editor like Soda PDF), changes or annotations to files can be easily done, especially if you use templates.


Keep everyone on the same page and push productivity forward by using E-Sign as a tool for quicker adaptations to unexpected changes.


Online signings are more secure

The issue with paper trails? They can be followed, especially by those who are nosy enough to want to pry into your business.






By transitioning over to signing electronically, you and your confidential or sensitive materials will be kept safe from prying eyes. For example, Soda PDF’s E-Sign feature allows users to manage their signers by sending private, secure signing links directly to their emails.


You no longer have to fret about leaving your stack of documents on the side of your desk where they’re easily visible to others. With E-Sign, you can comfortably sign off on contracts without the fear of someone looking over your shoulder.


How To Use E-Sign With Soda PDF

Businesses and their employees are looking for ways to maintain productivity and continue to grow despite working away from the comforts and familiarity of office spaces.


But E-Sign is nothing new. In fact, electronic signatures have been around for a while now. Which is why electronic signatures are so important for today’s business practices.


Esign Soda PDF .com - My Signature example


E-Sign is vital to keeping commerce or the paperwork behind the exchange of goods and services afloat in these uncertain times.  E-Sign can help businesses and employees continue to operate while also maintaining a safe social distance between people and paper.




See here for a more detailed explanation of how to use our E-Sign feature.


Learn how to collect e-signatures with Soda PDF.


Access Soda PDF Premium + E-Sign Until April 30th, 2020

With remote workers needing to maintain their productivity at home, Soda PDF is offering free, full access to its Premium PDF services, including E-Sign, until April 30th.


Our PDF modifier will not only help those who are working from home edit, create, convert, merge and split their PDF documents.


With our E-Sign feature included, Soda PDF will help remote workers such as lawyers, bankers and small and big businesses alike send contracts and invoices requiring signatures without needing to come into physical contact with the signees or even the document’s pages.

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