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The 7 Best YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Reach and Take the Top Spot


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YouTube is one of the most effective search engines in the world, but competition is FIERCE. These are the 7 best YouTube SEO tools to boost your rankings, go viral, and take over #1 from your competitors.


Just be warned, YouTube SEO is NOTHING like Google SEO. This is a good thing since your competition is using the wrong tools and leaving the rankings wide open. Instead of trying to outspend big competition, you can outsmart, outthink, and eventually, OUTRANK them. #4 can even make the top result on its own.


Why Care About YouTube SEO?


Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world? If used properly, it can be even MORE EFFECTIVE than Google.


For example, “how to” searches are extremely popular on the massive video-sharing site. Creating a video, tagging the correct keywords, and doing a few other little tricks might be even better than trying to outrank competitors with a blog post on Google.


Even though YouTube search engine optimization is a different animal than its Google cousin, there are many similarities. You’ll still need:


  1. The RIGHT keywords
  2. Tags
  3. Backlinks
  4. Good engagement


You just need to do them the right way and fill in the margins with some cool tricks, tips, and tools that we’ve used to rank dozens of videos.


Here are the 7 best YouTube SEO tools that will boost your reach big time:


DID YOU KNOW?: Marketers who use video grow 49% faster than those who don’t? (SOURCE)


#1 – Google Keyword Planner (And Google Search)


Google Keyword Planner - The 7 Best YouTube SEO tools


Think about the last time you looked for videos on YouTube. Which words did you use? Were they the same as those you type into the Google search bar?


Probably not….


YouTube keywords are, for the most part, completely different than ones you’d optimize for on other search engines.


To find the juiciest keywords that will get the most views, engagement, and clicks, you’ve got to go beyond just using traditional SEO keyword research.


Here’s what to do:


Step 1: Search keywords in your niche and see which SERPs have videos ranking at the top.

Step 2: Use Google suggested searches and related searches to discover new keywords.

Step 3: Use Google Keyword Planner to check search volumes.

Step 4: Organize those keywords according to monthly volume and competition. Optimize your video keyword strategy accordingly.


Let’s take a look at what’s next for the 7 Best YouTube SEO Tools.


#2 – VidIQ: The Chrome Extension to Help You Go Viral


Vid IQ - The 7 Best YouTube SEO tools


VidIQ is the only extension you’ll ever need (but we do suggest using another one down below). Basically, it’s a Chrome extension that helps you get WAY MORE views in a lot less time. 


It helps you dig deep into what gets a video to rank on YouTube and learn what to optimize and how to optimize it.


It comes with a ton of awesome, descriptive metrics like Views Per Hour, Duration (of view), Engagement Rate and more. The unique VidIQ score even tells you how likely a video is to rank in recommended searches or suggested videos.


All in all, this is definitely one of the 7 best YouTube SEO tools, and it will help you discover, rank, and optimize videos as well as understand the underlying mechanisms that make YouTube work.


#3 – Serpstat – The Ultimate YouTube Growth hacking Tool


Serpstat - The 7 Best YouTube SEO tools


This Swiss Army Knife of YouTube SEO tools is the brain of your content marketing nervous system. It lets you:


  1. Track rank
  2. Analyze backlinks
  3. Research keywords
  4. Analyze the competition for juicy opportunities
  5. Audit your own site


For YouTube, Serpstats biggest benefit is its powerful keyword researching capabilities. It allows you to unlock the potential in your niche by discovering new, highly trafficked, and closely related keywords you can create videos for.


It can even show you how relevant a video is to a certain search. Just give it a “base” keyword and watch as it spits back related keywords to you. It even ascribes a value to each so you know which ones to target and which ones to avoid.


Targeting the wrong keywords is a YouTube Search engine optimization death sentence. Make sure you choose the right ones!


#4 – TubeBuddy – Optimize and Run Your Channel With Ease


TubeBuddy - The 7 Best YouTube SEO tools


TubeBuddy is an AWESOME plugin not only because of how powerful it is but because of how easily it integrates into your workflow. It’s clear it is one of the 7 Best YouTube SEO Tools. 


The extension integrates directly into YouTube, and its suite of productivity tools gives you the power to:


  1. Edit
  2. Publish to Facebook
  3. Schedule updates
  4. Generate thumbnails
  5. Create captions
  6. Create embed codes
  7. Discover new keywords
  8. Run A/B tests (WOW!)
  9. Tag videos


OK, we aren’t even close to done yet. Seriously, it lets us get a day’s worth of YouTube SEO work done in just a few minutes. It’s like having your own SEO agency working on your channel!


Stop wasting time doing all of these mundane little tasks and get them done in a few clicks from one little control center. On top of that, you can even discover new keywords and track rankings.


It’s an unbelievable tool.


#5 – The YouTube Search Bar


Youtube Search - The 7 Best YouTube SEO tools


We feel a bit stupid even saying this, but the YouTube search bar is actually one of the best SEO hacks for ranking high on YouTube.


While all of your competitors are using the Google search bar, you can actually just ask the engine yourself to get closest to your target audience.


Type in a popular keyword of yours and see what the site suggests. That way, you can see what “tubers” are really looking for in real time. It can’t hurt to go back and use Google keyword planner or one of the cool extensions you’ve already installed to search for keyword metrics, though.


Pro Tip: Youtube will actually tell you what keywords people used to click on your videos. You will need to be posting content, but YouTube does share this date in its Analytics. It’s clear Google considers itself one of the 7 Best YouTube SEO Tools. 



#6 – YouTube Studio – for Subtitle and Captions


Youtube Captions - The 7 Best YouTube SEO tools


One awesome YouTube hack that regular SEOs can’t get used to is adding custom captions and subtitles to your videos with the right keywords.


YouTube has an auto-caption feature, but it’s best to add your own. Some studies even show this could increase engagement by over 7%.


Use your Video Manager (Studio.YouTube.com), and click the dropdown menu next to the video you want to edit. Select Subtitles/CC and then click Add New Subtitles or CC function. From there, you’ll be given a few choices for uploading. Choose whichever one suits your skills best!


Honorable Mention


#7 – Google Trends


Google trends- The 7 Best YouTube SEO tools


Google Trends lets you check the popularity of a given term compared to other keywords. While Google Keyword Planner shows absolute keyword volume, Google Trends adjusts search data to make comparisons between terms easier.


One cool aspect of this tool is that it shows you the popularity of term relative to the sum of all queries. That eliminates repeated searches from the same person. In that way, it can be a powerful discovery tool. This lets you:


  1. Identify seasonal trends and promote at the right time
  2. Identify “falling topics” and avoid creating content about them
  3. Capitalize on other trending topics
  4. Plan a yearly calendar
  5. Find related queries
  6. See which geographic regions NEED your services



YouTube SEO is tough, but the rewards are HUGE. The competition won’t know what hit them when you start outsmarting them with these 7 YouTube SEO tools.

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