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How to use the PDF AI assistant:

  • Upload or drag and drop the PDF document that you wish to summarize to the PDF AI tool. Your PDF must contain text in order for the tool to chat with your document.

  • The tool will analyze your document. You can then ask questions to understand your document’s content.

  • The tool will generate responses to your questions. You can receive details about the content or a summary of your document.


Interactive Q&A

Chat PDF AI enables you to ask questions about your document's content. The tool provides contextual answers, referencing specific sections and details within the PDF, allowing you to gain deeper insights and understanding.

Document Summarization

Chat PDF AI can automatically summarize your lengthy PDF documents, providing you with a concise overview of the document's main points, key findings, and important details. The tool helps you save time by quickly understanding the document's content!

Valuable Insights

The tool offers valuable summarized insights, linking key details and facts within the document. You can effortlessly connect the dots between different sections and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the content in seconds.

Document Highlights

The Chat PDF AI tool can provide the sources within your document that take you directly to the page where the information being referenced is found. When you click on the page number source, you will be guided to the exact page and paragraph being referred to.

Leverage the power of AI

Unlock the full potential of Soda PDF's Chat PDF AI tool! Our AI generated summaries will elevate your efficiency, making document understanding a simple task. Leverage the power of our Chat with PDF tool for smarter, swifter results for understanding your document.

Ask your PDF

Use the Soda PDF Chat PDF AI tool to interact with your PDF document in real time. Ask the AI anything about your PDF document and watch the tool at work. Try it today!


Is there an AI tool that can summarize a PDF?

Soda PDF’s Chat with AI assistant tool can easily read through your PDF file, extract the most important details and deliver a summary of your PDF.

How does the Chat PDF AI tool work?

The PDF AI tool uses Natural Language Processing and other advanced language model features to read, extract the context and deliver an extremely accurate summary of the PDF document.

Can I convert the AI summary into a PDF?

Soda PDF has many online tools available that can help you convert your document summary to Word, PDF, PowerPoint and more. You can create a new PDF with the summaries given to you by using our online PDF editor.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply.