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How do I convert a DOCX file to PDF?

1Upload your DOCX file to our PDF converter

Convert your DOCX files to PDFs: choose a DOCX from your computer to upload and convert to PDF file format. Or, drag and drop files into the PDF convert DOCX box to use our conversion tool to convert your DOCX to PDF. You can even upload files from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox to convert DOCX to PDF.

2View & download file conversion

Once your DOCX to PDF convert has been completed, you can access your PDF file via direct download and view in your browser. Alternatively, you can have your file emailed to you with an access link. This access link will only be available for 24 hours. Your newly converted DOCX to PDF document will be ready to access within this 24 hour window and will be perfectly converted from the file you originally uploaded.

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Preserved file layout

Once you've converted your DOCX to PDF, the layout of your document will be preserved, similar to printing a copy. Therefore, your document will appear the same as it did prior to conversion. No need to work for hours on an important document only to have it be ruined in the conversion process. Furthermore, use Soda PDF's compress tool on desktop or online to reduce your file size to maximize email share-ability without losing the quality of your files.

Universal display

Converting from a DOCX file to PDF format means that all readers and viewers, even those who access the file from a cloud storage service like Google Drive, will see your document in the intended format, no matter what PDF viewer or the device they're reading the files from. Even if you reduce the file size, the universal display of the file remains. PDF format is a global standard for document sharing. This is why our tools allow you to convert many file formats to PDF to ensure that you are always sharing your documents in the easiest way possible. Our full set of PDF tools, including converters and editing tools allows you to share the best quality PDF.

Full compatibility

Many times working on documents through word can be a lot more convenient and familiar than on any other software. For this reason, our tools allow you to use the software you are most comfortable with and work on your files efficiently, while still being able to convert your document to something that is simple to distribute. Our PDF converter will automatically save your file in PDF 2.0 format, so your file will be compatible with any PDF viewer! Plus, no matter whether you are on desktop or online, you can easily save or access your file from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Try our other online tools

Our DOCX to PDF converter is just one of many FREE* online tools Soda PDF provides. Soda PDFs got you covered for any and all of your PDF needs. You can convert your documents to and from file formats such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPG, HTML and so much more. You can also try out Soda PDF Online to try out all of our PDF services offered. Soda PDF is a fully-featured PDF software that allows you to edit your documents as well as you would on Word. Skip a step by editing your files directly within Soda PDF and avoid the need to convert.

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