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Convert your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a PDF online with our PDF conversion tool. Use our online PDF converter to go from Excel files to convert to PDF in seconds. It's easy to use & FREE*!

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How to convert your Excel to PDF file

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Convert from Excel to PDF with ease. Select the Microsoft Excel file you want to convert to PDF: drag and drop files into the PDF convert from Excel box, or upload a Microsoft Excel file directly from your computer. You can even select the file you want to convert Excel to PDF online from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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To view your PDF conversion file, simply download the Excel to PDF converter file to your computer and open the new PDF in your browser. We can also email you a link to your Excel to PDF file, which will be accessible for 24 hours.


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From sheets to pages

Separate sheets, separate pages! When converting from Excel to PDF, every spreadsheet within your .xlsx file will be converted into a separate page in your new PDF document.

No more formulas

PDF is a static format, and therefore does not contain any formulas. When you convert your Excel to PDF, your Excel formulas will not be carried over into PDF, so if you edit the content of a table, the results from previous calculations on Excel will not change.

PDF convert to Excel

Convert from PDF files to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with our PDF tools. You can easily convert from PDF to Excel files in order to change your data and work with formulas again. Use our FREE* online PDF to Excel converter tool to PDF convert Excel files back into spreadsheets. Convert to PDF or convert from PDF with our PDF converter Excel tools. No matter the file format, save time by using our software from anywhere.

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Access our online PDF convert tools to transform your files or documents in one place. Or, try our desktop application to turn or PDF convert files fast even if you're without Internet! Our convert to PDF tool is just one of the many features you get from Soda PDF. Whether you need to create, compress, merge, split, share, sign, or add password security to your PDF files, we can help you accomplish all of your document goals with just a click of a button!

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