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How to convert GIF to PDF

All you need to do to convert your GIF to PDF is drag your GIF file and drop it here. You can also browse your computer, select your file, and download the converted PDF file.

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You can rest assured that any file you upload here is in safe hands. It will never be shared, and it will be removed from our servers within 24 hours of upload.

GIF converter

Soda PDF is equipped to convert any file format to PDF, and GIF is no exception. Easily and accurately convert your GIF to PDF with Soda’s desktop or online apps.

Soda’s online converter

If you’re on the go and want to convert your GIF file to PDF, you can use Soda PDF Online to get the job done. Just log in, open your file, and convert!

Batch converting

Got a bunch of GIF image files you want to convert? Don’t bother adding them one by one. With Soda PDF, you can convert all your GIF files at once.

Convert on any OS

Our GIF to PDF converter is compatible with any OS system because all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

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