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How to convert GIF to PDF

1Choose file

To begin the PDF convert process, simply upload your file from your computer by clicking on "Choose File", or you can also choose a file from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Or, simply drag-and-drop your image files into the appropriate box. Once you upload your GIF images to our free* GIF to PDF converter, your file will begin to process and convert to a PDF file.

2View and download your PDF file

For more permanent access, simply download your file to your computer or save it to an online file storage account like Dropbox and view it in your browser.

Did you know?

Did you know?

The GIF format is Internet famous

While GIF has greatly grown in popularity over the last few years, it has been around since 1987. GIF, or “Graphics Interchange Format,” got its claim to fame on the Internet thanks to its ability to support animations, and its incredible compression algorithm, which allowed large images to be downloaded fairly quickly in the early days of slow Internet speeds. These GIFs are now extremely famous on many online platforms. GIFs are a huge part of social media. If you were to go on any social platform you would probably come across many GIFs in a short time. Another reason for its popularity is the ongoing debate over the pronunciation of the G in GIF as a soft or hard G, which has been around since the format’s creation!

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Quality protection

Our GIF to PDF converter doesn’t compress the image while converting, to ensure that your image maintains the same level of quality from the GIF format. When you convert to PDF your image will not come out blurry or be lower quality. Your PDF file with be of good quality and contain a properly converted image.

Preserved format

Once you convert your GIF images to PDF with our online GIF to PDF converter, we ensure that the size and orientation of your GIF image will remain intact in the newly generated PDF files, so it looks just like the original. When you convert your GIF to PDF online, we will do our best to preserve the original state of the images, although some charges may apply. If the GIF image you uploaded to our free* online tool has animations, they won’t be preserved, since PDF is a static format. Rest assured, your PDF files contain well-converted images that will be clear and of good quality. Our tools allow you to convert to PDF in order to allow you to simplify the viewing and distribution of your files.

Back to GIF

There are many reasons why you would use our online GIF to PDF converter, there are also many reasons why you may need your file to be in GIF format. For times like these, you can convert from PDF to GIF format using our converter from Soda PDF Desktop or our Online PDF application. With these tools, you will be able to convert from PDF back to GIF images like nothing ever happened. Use our free* PDF online tools for any of your PDF needs.

Along with being able to convert your GIF image to PDF, you can also convert different image formats such as a PNG image and a JPG image to PDF. While you may think your file size is too large for our platform, rest assured that whatever the file size may be, we will be able to process your file*.

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