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How to convert HTML files to PDF

1Enter website URL

To begin to convert your HTML or web page into a PDF, enter the one website URL in the appropriate box. Make sure to insert the full URL, including http:// or https://.

2View and download

After your file conversion has been completed, view the new document by downloading the HTML into PDF conversion to your computer and viewing it directly within your web browser online.

Did you know?

Did you know?

A PDF is like a printed webpage

Converting to PDF is like virtually printing your webpage – but better. Once you turn your HTML files into PDFs, your virtual copy is editable, customizable, and saves paper! The quality of the output of PDF conversions is dependent on how the page was coded, and how printer-friendly it is. If your one webpage looks odd when it’s being printed, then chances are that it’ll look odd as a PDF too. But there is a solution. Some websites offer an alternative embedded print button on the page that will render the content of the page in a preformatted version.

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Continuous view

Converting HTML files to PDF is easy and free. Long page? Long PDF! If the content of your webpage or document exceeds the length of one page in PDF, it will continue on to subsequent pages. Select “Continuous” view mode in your PDF software to view your HTML file like you would in your browser.

Website overlays

Some websites may have sections of their page, often a menu or an overlay, asking you to accept browsing conditions, which stays on the page as you scroll through. When you convert HTML files to PDF, these sections will appear on every page of your PDF files.

Convert files back

Want to take yourself back on the web after you convert to PDF? We have your files covered! Use our online PDF to HTML converter tool to convert your PDF into a HTML. Our software solution and online tools can also help you make the most of your files or documents. See what other PDF tools and document solutions we can provide. Try Soda PDF online, through a Google Chrome browser extension, or download and install our desktop application for free!


How can I convert an HTML file to PDF?

After typing the URL into the conversion tool, it will automatically be converted into a PDF document.

What is the process of transforming HTML to PDF?

Converting HTML to PDF involves rendering the web content and saving it in PDF format.

Can you convert an HTML file to PDF for free?

With Soda PDF's HTML to PDF converter, you can easily convert a webpage into a PDF for free online.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply.