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How do I convert PDF to DOCX?

1Select and upload your PDF file to our DOCX converter

Converting a PDF to Word can be done in seconds. Upload your PDF file format from your computer into our Microsoft Word converter to convert your PDF to a Word document. You can also drag and drop your PDF files into the PDF convert into Word box to convert your PDF document format into a Microsoft Word portable document. Your files can even be opened in the PDF converter to Word from your cloud storage systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Our converter makes it easy for you to upload with a single click.

2View and download your file

As soon as the converting from PDF to Word is completed, you can download your DOCX to your operating system. The PDF converting to Word will convert PDF to DOCX seamlessly and be ready for editing, finishing off your file and saving in Open XML.

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Maintain the quality of your files

By using our converting tool, the quality of your files is maintained in the new document format. The layout of your files will be preserved and your vector graphics will be kept in the same format. All of your work will be kept secure with our converting tool. You can also use Soda PDF's desktop app or online apps to use the compressing tool to reduce the file size for ease in sharing the files with others. The file size of your files will be kept intact until you decide to compress the converted file with another tool. Your portable document will contain the same page design that it had before using the file converter and be used in Open XML zip formats. Converting to Microsoft Office DOCX is safe, reliable, and easy with our online converting tool.

Explore our other online tools

Use many more of Soda PDF's FREE* online tools to satisfy all your documents and files need! The converting to DOCX tool is just one of Soda PDF's many features in the Soda PDF Online or the Soda PDF desktop application. Whether it be to document format or picture format, you can change your file to JPG, Excel pages, PowerPoint presentation, TIFF, gif and much more with Soda PDF. You can also edit, merge, split and e-sign your file along with many other features in the software. With Soda PDF, you can protect your PDF files, create new ones or merge several files together. All of this can be done with our FREE* online or desktop applications!

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