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PDF to Excel

Convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets in just a few clicks.

  • From Google Drive
  • From Dropbox

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How to convert PDF to Excel

  • Drag and drop or upload the PDF file you want to convert from your device.

  • Your file will be automatically converted.

  • Download the converted Excel document.


The best PDF to Excel converter

Once you upload your file, the tool will instantly convert it from PDF to Excel in seconds.

The benefit of PDF to Excel conversion

PDF is a versatile document format, but editing tables within it can be challenging. Converting your document with our tool will turn it into an editable Excel, so that you can easily extract tables or edit text in your spreadsheet.

No installation or sign-up necessary

There's no need to install any software or download an app. Soda PDF works online with any web browser. Simply upload your PDF file and it will be converted!

Precise table extraction

All spreadsheet tables embedded in the PDF will be accurately extracted. The structure of rows and columns will match the original file, but they will be fully editable and ready for reuse.

Output directly in the .xlsx format

The newly converted spreadsheet will be in .xlsx format, ready for use in Microsoft Excel, LibreCalc, OpenCalc, or any other office suite compatible with MS Office.

Ensure secure data handling

We employ premier encryption methods to safeguard your data. With our online tool, all files uploaded are handled with complete privacy. You remain the rightful owner of the PDF file, and after 24 hours any information stored are deleted.


Can I convert a PDF to Excel on Mobile and Tablet (Android & iOS)?

Converting a PDF to Excel is straightforward on mobile and tablets, much like on a desktop. Simply use your preferred mobile browser to visit the online PDF to Excel conversion tool. Tap to upload your PDF, and after conversion, download the Excel file directly to your Android or iOS device.

Can I convert a scanned PDF into an editable Excel file?

Our service includes an OCR feature that can identify and convert text from scanned PDFs or image-based documents into an editable Excel format. Access to OCR requires a free trial sign-up or a subscription to the Pro account.

Is PDF to Excel conversion free?

Absolutely, our PDF to Excel converter is free for anyone to use. It's designed to simplify the data extraction from documents like invoices and receipts, streamlining your document management workflow without any cost.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply.