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How to convert PDF to HTML

1Select a PDF to HTML file

Select a PDF file you need to convert. Upload PDF from your computer, cloud storage service (Dropbox or Google Drive), or drag-and-drop your file into the box.

2View and download

Once your file has been converted, view your PDF conversion HTML file by downloading the file or files to your computer. You're also free to open the file within your browser where you can then save your document to Google Drive, or we can email you a link to your file, which will be valid for 24 hours.


Did you know?

Publish your PDF files online!

Did you know that you can publish your PDF files to the web since most web browsers now support uploading and viewing PDFs directly? The problem with this way of doing things is that this published PDF will appear the same way on all devices. Nowadays, people expect websites to adapt to the resolution and size of their display, especially on mobile phones – this is where HTML comes in handy! Select our PDF to HTML tool in order to modify your document to be displayed according to the screen it’s viewed on. While PDF display is static and doesn’t adapt, this newly converted PDF HTML format can adapt the view mode of files to the viewer’s display, no matter on what device.

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All in one file

When you convert PDF to HTML files, you’ll receive your HTML page, along with the attached images, delivered to you all in one convenient .Zip file. This way you don’t get lost working with multiple folders or additional PDF files.

Ready to publish

Much like a PDF in the fact that the file is ready to be published, you can easily publish your converted HTML file directly to the web and view it in your browser, or use the file as a platform on which to edit the HTML content.

Use our HTML converter to PDF

With the help of our online HTML to PDF converter tool, you can turn any webpage into a PDF file. Convert to PDF from HTML with ease. Have other PDF needs sitting in your Google Drive? Try our other FREE* online PDF tools!

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