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How to convert TIFF to PDF

1Upload your TIFF file

Converting TIFF to PDF online is easy. The conversion of TIFF to PDF will begin as soon as your file has been uploaded to our PDF converter. Simply upload your TIFF image file into the convert to PDF box with a simple drag-and-drop directly from your desktop. Or, click Upload to select the TIFF file from a specific location on your computer. You can even upload your TIFF file image to convert to PDF directly from a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

2Download PDF

Once the file has been uploaded, our online converter TIFF to PDF will automatically begin to turn your image into a PDF document. Once our converter has finished turning your TIFF into PDF online, you can view your brand new PDF file format by downloading the file directly onto your computer or saving it to an online file storage account.

Did you know?

Did you know?

The purpose of TIFF files

TIFF images were born from a need for selling desktop scanners with a universal image format. TIFF images are often used by photographers or graphic artists as a means for storing raster graphic images. Similar to PNG and JPG formats, TIFF files evolved from their binary image format and are now considered a deep-color (30-bit) format, meaning that they can contain a billion different colors within the file. TIFF images are useful for constructing page layouts or through image manipulation, such as applying an Optical Character Recognition tool, to search and edit the text within a scanned document or image. Try Soda PDF's online OCR tool on your TIFF images to see for yourself!

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Quality preserved

Soda PDF ensures that the quality of your files remains the same even after conversion. Our tool will preserve the properties of your original file that has now been converted into a PDF. Please note that our online TIFF converter does not compress the image while converting the file to a PDF. Your newly created (or converted) PDF document will retain the original quality of your TIFF image. The TIFF image will convert to a new file size as a PDF but the original quality of the file will be maintained along with the image’s orientation.

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