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PDF Security: How to Lock a PDF from Editing by Securing Permissions


How to lock a pdfThey say a data breach isn’t a matter of IF but WHEN—FALSE. Using PDFs allows your company to protect your information from copying, editing, and re-formatting, and keeps your company safe from data breaches. With the average breach costing upwards of $140 EACH record along with the 25% chance of your company facing one, doing everything in your power to stop a breach is vital.


Good thing Soda PDF makes it as easy as 3 clicks.


Digital documentation allows you to easily create, share, and edit docs with your whole team around the globe. On the one hand, people that you want to view your docs can easily view them—on the other, people that you don’t want to view your docs can easily view them, too…




You use a secure PDF and know how to lock a PDF file with permissions.


Security breaches affect one-quarter of companies and cost upwards of $140 per document. That’s why it’s important to secure your confidential files using a format you can trust. 


Apart from securing your documents, the PDF format also preserves the integrity of your files, make it easy to share them around the world and keep all the visual elements of a document intact regardless of the local software a user has.


How to Lock a PDF with Soda PDF

In the old days, you had to keep physical files locked away, and, if you wanted to transport them, you had to keep them under lock and key in an armoured vehicle (we’re not exaggerating… what if you were transporting a map to a secret treasure?).


Not anymore. By encrypting your documents with Soda PDF, you can restrict access to making comments, printing, editing privileges, or filling in forms, by individuals who are viewing your document. 


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create an amazing PDF (with Soda PDF, this is quick and easy)
  2. Click the “Secure & Sign” Tab
  3. Click the “Secure Permissions” Icon in the “Secure” Section


how to lock a pdf

Now you will see the “Security Settings” dialog box. In the box, you can choose your password and encryption level.


Note: If you lose your password, you won’t have the option to change it! Write it down or store it in a protected file locally on your work computer!


Now for the fun part….


As part of Soda PDF’s range of nifty features that add flexibility and security to your PDF experience, you can also change the type of permissions that a user with this key has. You can choose from the following permissions:


  1. Creating, inserting, deleting, and rotating pages
  2. Filling-in form fields and signing
  3. Commenting
  4. Any except extract pages
  5. Printing privileges (none, low-resolution, and high-resolution)


 how to lock a pdf 2


The Benefits of Locking a PDF 

The benefits of a PDF are clear, but what about the benefits of protecting one? Here are a few reasons why your company needs to learn how to lock a PDF. 


  1. Secure your Documents and Prevent Breaches: Ever wonder how often files get sent to the wrong people? What about how often those without permission end up viewing files they shouldn’t see? It’s more often than you think. With secure permissions, you can lock a PDF to make sure people without proper permission can’t view and edit your document, regardless of mistakes made by those within your team. A data breach will cost your company $140 per document or more.
  2. Maintain the Chain of Command: Modern teams are large, spread out, and full of members with competing skills. Giving everyone full access to editing is a recipe for disaster. What if your designer wants to change the font or your copywriter hates the title? Giving everyone free reign to edit a file makes for messy decision making with no clear direction. With secure permissions, you ensure that everyone can see the document, but only allow those who you want touching the document to be able to. 


Adding password protection and privileges to your PDFs gives you the freedom to share your documents with anyone in the world without worrying about security breaches, the integrity of the document, or your image. With Soda PDF, it’s as easy as a few clicks and a bit of password creativity.


Are you ready to take advantage of everything Soda PDF has to offer?



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