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Oct 02 in  How-to tutorials

E-Sign: How to collect electronic signatures using PDF


collect electronic signatures

Knowing how to use E-Sign and collect electronic signatures when working with PDFs will revolutionize your workflow. E-sign technology takes regular PDF files and turns them into legally binding documents ready to be signed. They will be bundled up into a document package and emailed to each person required to sign.

Regardless of the field you work in, getting anything signed can be a nightmare. Internal documents require you to chase down the appropriate individuals, creating mountains of legwork and follow-ups. When you consider the challenge presented in the modern world of paperless environments, getting the ink to the page can take days.

Jul 16 in  Release notes, Soda news

Redesigned Soda PDF Reader for Mac OS X Out Now


We’re pleased to announce the newest version of Soda PDF Reader for Mac OS X has finally been released! We’ve completely redesigned the interface to make it as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, and we’ve worked hard on eliminating all the main bugs and glitches that may have previously been disrupting your workflow. What’s more? The newest version is equipped with new and improved features such as integration with Soda PDF Online Services to give you a complete PDF experience.

Jun 10 in  Soda news

Difference between PDF and PowerPoint


We’ve all had to give a presentation at some point in our career. Some people do it daily! Whether you’re a sales person, a teacher, or a manager, you’re going to need to create and share a presentation in standard format to impart knowledge, make an argument, or simply display your findings in an easy-to-follow way.

When it comes to presentations, most people’s minds immediately go to one format: Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s basically a cliché at this point.

However, PowerPoint isn’t the only game in town for presentations anymore. While PowerPoint is the go-to software to create a presentation, many people in the business world prefer to use a PDF (Portable Document Format) to actually show their presentations.

May 24 in  Soda news

How to Convert PPT to PDF



Today we’re going to describe to you how to convert PowerPoint presentations (PPT) as PDF files.

We’re going to do this through two methods:

  1. Saving PowerPoint presentations as PDF files.
  2. Using Soda PDF to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF.

Method 1: Saving the PowerPoint file as a PDF using Microsoft PowerPoint

This way is pretty easy – all you’ll need Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows OS.

When you save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF, its format and layout become locked in. Anyone using the new PDF file will be able to view it, but not make any changes.

How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF:

  • In PowerPoint, Select File > Export.
  • Click on “Save a presentation as PDF.”
  • Click “Create PDF/XPS Document,” then click “Create PDF/XPS.”
  • In the “Publish as PDF or XPS” dialog box, choose a location to save the file to. If you want it to have a different name, enter it in the File name box.

Changing what the final saved PDF will look like

If you want your saved PDF to look different than your original PowerPoint file, you have some choices. At “Optimize for,” select “Standard” for higher quality (this is good if you want to print it). Select “Minimum size” to make the file smaller (if you want to send it as an e-mail attachment).


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