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Jul 26 in  Working with PDF, How-to tutorials

How to create a dynamic wireframe in a PDF document



Recently I was faced with a new challenge. I was asked to create a wireframe for a new section of our website. While there a bunch of great wireframe tools, I try to avoid adding more software to my workflow.

Before we get into it, there are definitely apps that specialize in creating wireframes. However, since I’m comfortable using Soda PDF, I realized most of the functionality I needed was already at my disposal.

I wanted to share my journey through creating a dynamic wireframe in a PDF document.

Jun 06 in  Working with PDF, How-to tutorials

Why PDF? Quick and Easy Photo Collages For Work or Home


PDF Photo Colalge

If you’re like me, finding an easier way to accomplish a goal always feels like a win. I had that moment when I made my first PDF photo collage. Seriously, anyone can open a program like Soda PDF (it IS on my computer) and proceed to make something that looks impressive.

We’ll use a real-life example. Any cat lover will tell you that seeing a whole slew of their babies at once is always a good thing. Even if they took every picture and have already seen them a hundred times.

Someone close to me was having a bad day, and within 20 minutes I had whipped up a PDF photo collage of their adorable pets. Since it’s a PDF, I knew that they could open it on any device, print it, send it to their friends and everyone would see the same formatting, the same personalized experience.

May 23 in  How-to tutorials

How To Format PDF Text For The Perfect Document


how to format pdf text

We know that it can be a bit tricky to format text in a PDF Document. PDFs are super visual, that means things like line spacing matter. We are proud of the slew of options available in Soda PDF to make each page perfect. 

In this article we’ll briefly go over all the different formatting options available, while showing you how quick and easy it all is. For more information, click here for a full breakdown of how to edit text. .

Regardless of the option we’re explaining, the first step will be to select your text. We’re not going to mention it each time, so these instructions come after you’ve selected your text.

May 09 in  How-to tutorials

How to Search PDFs for Keywords and Increase Your Efficiency


How to Search pdfs

You receive a Skype message from a colleague letting you know you need to update an article. The version listed is last years model and we need this document up to date… yesterday. It’s a 324-page file. You can give up a day reading through this monster, or you can learn how to search PDFs for keywords.


The search tool in every app has helped many people avoid reading boring things they don’t care about. Why do all that … when the words you care about can be highlighted with a few clicks. 


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