Effortless editing with Soda PDF’s OCR technology

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With Soda PDF’s state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, you can unleash the potential of your photographs. Get rid of static graphics say hello to easily editable text. We’ll explore how OCR transforms your document editing experience in this guide.

Recognizing Images in Edit Mode:

Discover the enchantment of OCR as it adeptly recognizes text contained within photos. All you have to do is pick an image in Edit Mode, and observe how its recognition is indicated by a bright red border. With just one click, you can use this capability to turn static images into dynamic, editable information.

Auto and Manual OCR:

With the Auto and Manual OCR features of Soda PDF, you can take charge of your editing process. These tools let you operate more efficiently, whether you’re working with single photos or whole documents. You can now alter images one by one within your current PDF files, eliminating the need for the laborious scanning of complete papers.

Recognize Document:

Do you need to edit a document with more than one page? Don’t say anything more. The Recognize Document feature in Soda PDF makes it simple to convert scanned pages into editable text. All you have to do is launch the OCR module, choose identify Document, and list the pages you want it to identify. Observe how Soda PDF creates a new file with recognized text while retaining the integrity of your original document.

Integration of External Images:

With Soda PDF’s External Image capability, you can edit files other than PDFs. You can quickly identify text in external photos and use it into your Soda PDF application with ease. All you have to do is choose the picture file, and Soda PDF will open the identified text in a new portable document.

With the OCR technology of Soda PDF, unleash the full power of your documents. With the ability to convert complete documents into editable material and recognize text within images with ease, Soda PDF gives you the power to take charge of your editing process. Try Soda PDF’s OCR technology now and bid adieu to static images and easy editing!

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