How to edit PDFs using Soda PDF

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How To Edit PDFs Using Soda PDF

Looking for an easy-to-use PDF Editor to quickly modify documents to your needs? 

Soda PDF provides many ways to not only access our powerful PDF software solution but also comes fully equipped with all the editing tools you need to take full control over any document. 

Ready to get started? Here’s how to edit PDF documents with ease using Soda PDF: 

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Download Soda PDF Desktop or Work Online 

First, you’ll want to download our PDF software for your desktop. Soda PDF Desktop is a FREE downloadable PDF software for Windows OS users. 

Have a MAC? No problem! Soda PDF Online is specifically made for MAC users or those who simply want to edit their PDF documents without having to download our software. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a simple and straight-to-the-point PDF Editor, we’ve got that too. 

Our Desktop and Online applications, however, are fully-featured; meaning they do a whole lot more than simply act as a PDF Editor. If you’re looking to do more than just editing, we highly recommend you select our Desktop or Online application for your PDF needs. 

Now that you’ve downloaded or opened Soda PDF, be sure to create your free account. A newly activated Soda PDF account gives you full access to our entire suite of PDF tools and services for 7-days. Simply click on this icon: 

Click ‘Create Account’ and follow the simple steps to set up your password. Then, log in to Soda PDF and you’ll be ready to start editing in no time! 

Editing PDF Documents Using Soda PDF 

You’ll see the EDIT feature at the top toolbar of the Soda PDF application. Clicking on this feature will open the following tools: 

  1. Type Text 
  1. Format Painter 
  1. Insert Image 
  1. Link 
  1. Add Page Marks 
  1. Remove Page Marks 
  1. Spell Check 

Type Text 

Select the Type Text tool from the EDIT feature if you wish to add more text fields to your document: 

Click anywhere on your current document to add the text field. You will see a blue box surrounding the text field like so: 

Type out your text et voila! You’ve successfully added text to your document! 

If you’re looking to change the font or any other property of this text field, then simply click on the mini-toolbar that appears underneath the name of the document tab: 

Or, click on the Properties tab, which can be found over on the right-hand side of the application: 

You can then further edit all of the elements of your newly typed text appearance, such as font, the size of your text, the color, bold, italicize, etc. 

NOTE: You can also use popular and commonly used hotkeys such as CTRL + B to Bold your text much like you would with your Microsoft Word processor! 

Insert Image 

From the EDIT feature, click on the Insert Image tool. 

You will then automatically be prompted to search your computer for the image file you wish to add to your computer: 

Once your image has been successfully inserted into your PDF document, you can then select the edge of the image and drag-and-drop the corners to the resizing you desire: 

Your image will then appear in the sizing you wish. You are also free to drag and move the image around your PDF to change its location on your page. 

Much like we saw with the Type Text tool, you can click on any image within your PDF and open the Properties tab to change the appearance. 


Click on the Link tool if you wish to add hyperlinks to your PDF document. 

You will then need to highlight the text or the element of the document you wish to create a link over by using your cursor like so: 

Once you’ve highlighted the element you wish to link, the following window will appear: 

Hyperlinks could be to external websites, another section of your PDF document, or to open another document entirely! 

Click on the ellipsis to the right of the three main options for more Link settings: 

Click on Open Web Page if you wish for your link to lead to an external website: 

Simply enter the website URL and then click APPLY. Your link will have been successfully applied! 

Choose Open File if you wish for the link to immediately open the document you’ve chosen in Soda PDF: 

Select Go to Page if you want your link to lead to a specific page of your document. Simply click on the corner of the page you want your link to open and click APPLY. 

For every Action you add within this one Link, you can change the order of your links by reviewing the Add Action screen shown below: 

Simply drag-and-drop to reorder the actions. For example, you could have your link open an external URL while also opening up an existing document in Soda PDF! 

Add or Remove Page Marks 

Looking to add or remove page marks from your PDF document such as footers, headers, page numbers and more? 

Click on the Add Page Marks tool and the following sub-tools will appear as options: 

To Add Header and Footer, the following screen will appear: 

Choose the position of the Header and Footer, the source whether it be text or file, and you can also customize the appearance of the text or the font or the color and size. 

To the Add Watermark screen we go! Here, you can see similar features much like we saw when applying Headers and Footers. Choose the positioning of your Watermark, the color, size and font and then click APPLY. 

NOTE: You can apply the same Watermark to multiple files at once. Simply click on Multiple Files to apply this Watermark as you’ve customized it to many documents in one simple click! 

When you select Page Number, the following screen will appear: 

Choose the number format and the position of your page numbers and where you’d like them to begin from and then click INSERT

No matter which Page Mark you choose to add, once you click APPLY or INSERT, the following ribbon will appear to confirm that the tool was successfully applied: 

Want to remove page marks from your PDF? 

Simply click on the Remove Page Marks tool: 

Click on the page mark you wish to remove, whether it be a Watermark, Page Number or perhaps a Footer and Header. Once you’ve clicked, the following ribbon will appear at the bottom of the application: 

Spell Check 

Finally, Soda PDF’s EDIT feature also includes a handy Spell Check tool. 

Simply click on the Spell Check tool and the following window will appear: 

Soda PDF will automatically detect spelling mistakes within your PDF document and offer suggestions when and where applicable. 

You can even add words to your dictionary for ease of use or even import your own language dictionary, too! 

Create, convert, split. merge & much more! 

Looking to create PDF documents, or perhaps convert MS Office files like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files into editable PDF documents? Want to split pages into new PDF documents, or perhaps merge various file formats into a single PDF document? 

Yup, you guessed it: Soda PDF is your fully-featured, one-stop document shop software solution! Our easy-to-use, powerful PDF software gives you all the tools you need to manage any document with ease. 

Get a taste for Soda PDF for FREE by downloading our Desktop application, or open Soda PDF Online from any web browser on any device with internet access. 

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