How to compress PDF for email

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How To Compress PDF for Email

Have you ever been blocked by a “File size exceeded” limitation while trying to deliver an important document via email? 

While this troublesome error message can be frustrating at times, there is a simple solution to fixing this very common issue. 

Enter Soda PDF, the fully featured PDF software solution that’s packed with all the productivity tools you need to overcome any obstacle your documents might face. 

Want to learn how our powerful PDF tools can help you compress files to send over email? Here’s how: 

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How To Compress PDFs for Email Using Soda PDF Desktop 

Compressing files isn’t as complicated as it sounds. For one, you don’t actually need to compress the file yourself, that is, if you have the tools you need for the job. 

Soda PDF makes compressing any file size a breeze. Simply open your large file size into the Desktop application, click on the Compress tool, choose your compression quality, and voila! The file will automatically be compressed in seconds! 

STEP 1: Download Soda PDF Desktop 

Before we get started, make sure you download and install Soda PDF Desktop on your computer. You’ll also want to create a new account in order to get access to our entire suite of PDF tools and services with a FREE 7-day trial. 

Once installed, here’s how to compress your file: 

STEP 2: Upload Your File 

Launch the Soda PDF Desktop application: 

Click on the Profile Icon in the top right corner of the application and either create an account or log in to your existing Soda PDF account. 

Next, click on OPEN PDF from the main screen: 

Once your file has been opened in Soda PDF, it’s time to use the Compress tool! 

STEP 3: Use the Compress Tool 

Click on the CONVERT feature from the main Soda PDF toolbar at the top of the application, then select the Compress tool. The following screen will appear: 

Soda PDF will let you know the exact file size of your document. You can then view all of the different conversion options and see how each will affect your file size and what will be kept during compression. 

Speaking of compression, here’s a personal story on why I recently needed to compress a document fast and with ease. Naturally, I decided to use Soda PDF Desktop to get the job done fast. 

Compressed For Time: A Personal Confession 

If you think you’re the only one who has ever felt blocked or stumped by a file size exceeding the limitations of email, you’re not alone. 

Allow me to tell you about a most recent example of my own file limitation conundrum.  

So, there I was, sitting at my computer having just finished a great presentation and feeling quite confident in my abilities. That is, until I got an urgent email from my boss: 

She was looking to get a copy of the 2-hour presentation I had just given to our constituents and soon as you might have guessed it, I was attempting to send at least half a gigabyte of data through Outlook when the annoying message popped up. 

“File size exceeded”. Exactly. The all-too-familiar email blocker. 

While perhaps I could have simply said to my boss that I could share the presentation with her on the cloud, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to access the file as easily as say from her email account. With everyone being more mobile-friendly than ever, I knew that the cloud wasn’t going to be an option this time around. She was looking to get the presentation on her email so that she could easily access the document and perhaps even share it with other higher-ups. 

Feeling somewhat compressed for time, I decided to use Soda PDF Desktop to quickly solve my file size issue. Here’s how I went from panic to pressure’s off using what I deem to be the easiest PDF software today: 

STEP 4: Send Compressed Document Via Email 

Now that we’ve selected our compression quality and have clicked on Compress, our document will be compressed and ready to be shared as reduced file size. 

To send your newly compressed document via email, simply click on the Email icon above the Soda PDF main toolbar at the top of the application: 

Once you’ve clicked on the Email icon, Soda PDF will automatically load your default email application and will open a new blank email with the compressed file already attached: 

Yes, it’s that easy! Soda PDF makes compressing documents for email a simple task. What else can Soda PDF do for you and your documents? We’re glad you asked! 

Make the most of your documents with Soda PDF! 

Our compression tool isn’t the only PDF solution we provide. If you’re looking to edit, create, convert, merge, split or secure PDF documents, look no further than our fully featured Desktop solution! 

With Soda PDF Desktop, you can modify any PDF document to your needs using our easy-to-use tools. 

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