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Feb 28 in  How-to tutorials

How to Create Form Field Calculations


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It may come off like a broken record to point out that these days the paper version of documents (like forms) are fading away. This actually makes life way simpler in many cases. Instead of receiving files full of bad math, you could learn how to create form field calculations.

You may wonder what we mean when we say, “create form field calculations”. When you are creating your form, in a good PDF editor, you can create relationships between these form fields. With a little bit of configuration, you can create form fields that calculate data that will make filling out your forms a breeze.

Jan 24 in  How-to tutorials

How to Add Shapes to a PDF: Arrows, Circles, Squares, Clouds, and More


how to add shapes to a pdfPDF files hold an array of editing capabilities, from text editing to form field customization. While many of you may have already known about editing text, or inserting images, did you know that you can also add and customize an array of shapes?


In this article, we’re going to be teaching you how to add shapes to a PDF using Soda PDF. Learn how to add different shapes and how to fully customize them!


Shapes in Soda PDF

Before learning how to add shapes to a PDF, you may be wondering why you need shapes? Although the obvious answer could be: “Because they look cool” – they can actually be used for a certain purpose.

Dec 20 in  How-to tutorials

How to Cut, Copy and Paste Pages in a PDF File


How to cut copy paste pages-Soda-PDFMuch in the same way that you can cut, copy, and paste text in a PDF file, you can also learn how to cut, copy and paste pages in your PDF. Whether you want to remove an unwanted page, copy an existing one, or paste one from another document – the power is in your hands!

Learning how to cut, copy and paste pages in a PDF is the same idea as working with text – with a slightly different process.

Luckily, Soda PDF makes the process easier than ever, allowing you to work with your PDF pages in just a few clicks!

Dec 13 in  How-to tutorials

How to Make a Podcast – Part 2: Publishing Audio Podcasts


publishing audio podcasts thumbnail In our first entry on this series, we covered how to create the content that makes up your podcast. This is a fantastic starting point, and we recommend checking out that article before reading this one. You may be wondering what comes next, this time we’re covering what happens after you make a podcast: publishing audio podcasts.

We’ll walk you through the different things you need to consider so you can get your work out to the world. People can stream podcasts on Spotify or iTunes and these systems don’t charge you to have your show available. The catch is that you cannot post your podcast directly onto those platforms.


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