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Apr 25 in  How-to tutorials

How to Attach Files to a PDF Document


How to Attach Files to a PDF

A lesser known fact about PDFs is how great they work as storage containers for other documents. We mean to show you, literally, how to attach files to a PDF document. We get it, this is not the typical value brag for PDFs, but we find it to be a very handy tool.


Why you care at work:


Let’s say you create this great summary of your brand-new project. You convert it to the PDF format (because you know how secure it is) and restrict it so no changes can be made. Throughout your summary you want to link to some data that’s stored on a network drive.

Apr 11 in  How-to tutorials

How to Set Custom Margins for PDF Pages


How to Set Custom Margins for PDF Pages

One of the main benefits of using the PDF format is how versatile it really is. When it comes to page size, the sky’s the limit. Since you may be playing outside standard formats, setting custom margins for your pages will only save you time.


The margin of the page is the area between actual content and the page edges. It’s used as a means of controlling where content (traditionally text) begins and ends. PDFs are an open template an using page margins is instrumental for controlling how your file prints to paper.

Feb 28 in  How-to tutorials

How to Create Form Field Calculations


how to create form field calculations thumbnail

It may come off like a broken record to point out that these days the paper version of documents (like forms) are fading away. This actually makes life way simpler in many cases. Instead of receiving files full of bad math, you could learn how to create form field calculations.

You may wonder what we mean when we say, “create form field calculations”. When you are creating your form, in a good PDF editor, you can create relationships between these form fields. With a little bit of configuration, you can create form fields that calculate data that will make filling out your forms a breeze.

Jan 24 in  How-to tutorials

How to Add Shapes to a PDF: Arrows, Circles, Squares, Clouds, and More


how to add shapes to a pdfPDF files hold an array of editing capabilities, from text editing to form field customization. While many of you may have already known about editing text, or inserting images, did you know that you can also add and customize an array of shapes?


In this article, we’re going to be teaching you how to add shapes to a PDF using Soda PDF. Learn how to add different shapes and how to fully customize them!


Shapes in Soda PDF

Before learning how to add shapes to a PDF, you may be wondering why you need shapes? Although the obvious answer could be: “Because they look cool” – they can actually be used for a certain purpose.


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