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How To Extract PDF Pages for FREE!



Are you looking for an easy and fast solution for extracting pages from your PDF documents?

If so, we highly recommend Soda PDF’s FREE online Split PDF tool! Using Soda PDF’s online tool, all you’ll need to do is upload a document you wish to split into pages and in turn, convert them into new PDFs.

You can also create a FREE Soda PDF account to enjoy a 7-day trial to our entire suite of PDF tools. More on that later.

For now, here’s how to extract pages from PDFs for FREE using Soda PDF’s Split PDF online tool:

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How To Split PDF Pages on MAC (Using Soda PDF Online)



Are you a MAC user looking for a simple online solution for splitting PDF pages into new documents?

If so, Soda PDF Online is the software you’re looking for! Soda PDF is a PDF document management software that has been an industry leader for over a decade. Soda PDF has all the powerful tools you need to quickly accomplish any task with ease, including splitting PDFs.

Create a FREE Soda PDF account

In order to use Soda PDF Online, you’ll first need to create a Soda PDF account. Once you’ve loaded Soda PDF Online, be sure to click on the Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen:

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How-To Add Pages To PDFs


So, you want to add pages to that PDF file. Maybe it’s a document you’ve already created or one that’s recently been sent your way.

But how in the world do you insert pages to an already pre-existing PDF file that just seems reluctant to be modified?

Inserting pages to a PDF file might seem daunting, but like any task in life, if you have the right tools at your disposal, you can get just about anything is done.

How To Edit PDF Files

So what is a PDF file anyway? Well, PDFs are a unique file type made for transferring and storing shareable information for readers universally as the author intended. Get answers to your PDF questions here.

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How to Set Custom Margins for PDF Pages


How to Set Custom Margins for PDF Pages

One of the main benefits of using the PDF format is how versatile it really is. When it comes to page size, the sky’s the limit. Since you may be playing outside standard formats, setting custom margins for your pages will only save you time.

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The margin of the page is the area between actual content and the page edges. It’s used as a means of controlling where content (traditionally text) begins and ends. PDFs are an open template an using page margins is instrumental for controlling how your file prints to paper.


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