Prepare and send your contracts for signature with Soda E-Sign

Integrated Solution

Prepare your contract, identify the signers, customize the signing ceremony, and send it off. You can then track your contract’s progress in real-time and send reminders if needed - all within Soda PDF.

Automated Workflows

Set your requirements and let E-Sign attend to the details. The platform walks signers through the signing process, including what, where, and when to sign. When all requirements have been met, all participants are notified and get a copy for their records.

Trusted, Secure, 100% Legally Binding

Rest assured you will know where all your signed contracts are at all times: they are always easily and securely accessible to you. E-signatures are legally binding and hold the same power as a handwritten signature, plus they’re highly secure and virtually impossible to forge. Learn more

Highly Configurable

E-Sign enables you to easily tailor the signing experience to your specific needs. Quick Send lets you prepare and send a document in just seconds, while Advanced Send exposes the full set of E-Sign features, allowing you to customize to your business's requirements.

Client Satisfaction

The only thing your signers need is a connected device and an active email address. Your clients can sign your important documents wherever they are - there is no need to drag them into the office, and Soda PDF is not required.

Complete Traceability

E-Sign has the most comprehensive electronic evidence summary for online transactions. Digitally signed e-records contain an embedded audit trail of the entire e-signing process, allowing you to verify the authenticity of your signed documents.

How It Helps Your Business

Make a sale on the road
Prepare your contract in just a few clicks
Send to client by email directly from Soda PDF
Client opens email and clicks to sign on any device – Soda PDF is not required

Prepare a document with just a few clicks or customize to your exact needs

Send in Seconds

Send in Seconds

E-Sign offers two workflows: Quick Send & Advanced Send.

Quick Send offers the bare minimum functionality for those who want a quick and easy way to send a document for signature. All it takes is a couple of clicks: just choose a document and a recipient - then send it. The E-Sign platform takes care of the rest and you get the signed document sent directly to your email.

You'll be able to save even more time by quickly and efficiently dealing with the same group of documents or signers by using saved templates

Manage Every Detail

Manage Every Detail

Advanced Send enables full control over most aspects of the e-signature workflow, ensuring Soda PDF can fulfill your business requirements.

  • Get multiple people to sign your documents
  • Assign an order for documents and signers
  • Send a document by email, sign in-person, or delegate signing responsibility
  • Require signers to attach documents such as IDs or proof of residence

Let E-Sign Do the Work

Once you've prepared your document package, E-Sign will do all the coordinating, chasing and deliveries.

  • Set desired signing order for participants
  • Use expiry dates to ensure your documents get signed exactly when you need them - no need to chase after that signature
  • Automatically send all participants a copy of the signed documents once complete

Soda E-sign can be purchased as an add-on with any account based license. Learn more about pricing.

System Requirements

OS:Windows 10 (desktop app), Windows 8 32 & 64, Windows 7 32 & 64, Windows Vista 32 & 64
Processor : Pentium III or equivalent | RAM : 512 MB (1 GB for Vista, 7 & 8) | Disk Space: 100 MB or more
Internet connection is required for version updates, activation of the free creator, to download paid-for features, and for Soda PDF Online Services. Microsoft Office is required for plug-in use & conversion to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.