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If you want to encrypt your confidential information and make it secure, there’s no better way than to protect your files with Soda PDF’s password protection options.

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How to password protect a PDF online

Find the confidential file you want to password protect and drag and drop it anywhere on this page. You can also use the Browse button or grab the file from your cloud storage.

PDF encryption levels

Soda PDF has the strongest encryption levels available in the PDF industry. Once you’ve added a password to your files, it will be virtually impossible to crack.

Choosing a password

You should choose a password that isn’t easy to guess. It should be at least 8 characters long, a combination of upper/lowercase letters, and include at least one special character.

Protect from any device

With this PDF protection tool, you can protect your files from any device, including laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet. All you need is an Internet connection.

Cloud access

As shown above, you can access the files you want to protect either from your computer or from your Dropbox or Google Drive folders.

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