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How to convert TXT to PDF

If you want to convert a TXT file to PDF, simply drag the file and drop it anywhere on this page. You can also fish out the document from your computer or grab it from the cloud.

File safety

If you’re worried about the safety of your files – don’t be. Soda PDF Online deletes your files from the server within 24hrs.

TXT to PDF converter

Your text files can easily be converted to PDF with Soda PDF’s strong and accurate PDF converter.

Batch converting

If you have several TXT files you need to convert, don’t bother converting them one by one: just use the batch conversion feature.

The cloud

Soda PDF is a software that provides integrated cloud solutions within the app so you can save and access files to/from your cloud folders.

Soda PDF for web

Did you know Soda PDF has a web application you can use anytime, anywhere? Just sign in and use all your favorite features online.

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