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How to Cut, Copy and Paste Pages in a PDF File


How to cut copy paste pages-Soda-PDF

Much in the same way that you can cut, copy, and paste text in a PDF file, you can also learn how to cut, copy and paste pages in your PDF. Whether you want to remove an unwanted page, copy an existing one, or paste one from another document – the power is in your hands!

Learning how to cut, copy and paste pages in a PDF is the same idea as working with text – with a slightly different process.

Luckily, Soda PDF makes the process easier than ever, allowing you to work with your PDF pages in just a few clicks!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide for Web Pages and Blog Posts


search engine optimization seo thumbnail Google rules the online world, which is why fighting for Google’s attention is so important for marketers. Optimizing your web pages and blog posts makes your site more visible to search engines, like Google, and to people entering keywords associated with your product or content. Follow these simple tips to learn how to play the search engine optimization game and win Google’s attention and affections.


There is so much marketing potential for online pages. You just need to know how to take advantage. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, keeping up may be tricky. But there are some practices that work every time!

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How to Crop PDF Pages


An amazing benefit of the PDF format is that there are no limits to page size, nor to the amount of content you can see on each page. When you “crop” a page, you trim off the content around the edges. Knowing how to crop pdf pages will let you quickly isolate pieces of your PDF.

A page crop tool is especially handy when dealing with irregular page sizes. When cropping pages in a PDF, you can optimize the settings to make sure your page can be printed. This level of control ensures no content will be lost.

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With Soda PDF you can insert, delete, move and rotate entire pages of your document as well as change the background, size, margins and page numbers.
Avec Soda PDF, vous pouvez insérer, supprimer, déplacer et faire pivoter des pages entières de votre document ainsi que changer le fond, la taille, les marges et les numéros de page.


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