Add Page Numbers to PDF

Numbering your PDF pages makes your file more organized and easier to follow. With Soda PDF, adding page numbers is quick and easy.*

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How to add page numbers:

Choose a file

You need a page to add page numbers! Upload a PDF document from your computer, or a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also drag-and-drop your file in the box to upload.

Format page numbers

The choices are yours! Select options, such as the page ranges on which the page numbers will appear, and format the font, size and position of numbers. You even have the option to start from a number other than 1.

Download or send link by email

Once your pages have been numbered, access your document by downloading it to your computer, or through a link which will be sent to your email and will allow you to access your file for 24 hours.


You can remove unwanted page numbers

You’re not stuck with your page numbers – especially if they’re not what you wanted! Page numbers that are added using our tool are identified as such in a PDF file and can easily be removed using PDF software like Soda PDF Desktop or Soda PDF Online. These are no-commitment page numbers! Although, if your file was converted to PDF format using another type of software, such as a word processor, page numbers may not be able to be removed.

Learn more about page numbers

Headers or footers

Page numbers can be placed as either a header, on top of your page, or as a footer, right at the bottom. In both cases, page numbers can be aligned right, left, or centered.

Start at…

Who says 1 always comes first? Not us. Your page numbers don’t need to start with 1 on the first page. Our tool allows you to select a page range on which to apply your numbers, as well as the starting number.

Page Numbers vs Bates Numbers

Don’t mix these two up – they are not as alike as they may seem! Bates Numbers are used to index pages within a set of multiple documents, usually legal documents, for easy identification and retrieval. Add Bates Numbering using Soda PDF Desktop or Soda PDF Online applications.

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