Bates Numbering

Add a Bates stamp number to your documents online.

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How to add Bates Numbering

1Upload your PDF file

The first step will be to choose a file you want to process by uploading one from your computer or dragging and dropping one in the box. You can also upload a file to process from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Once you've selected the file you want to insert Bates numbers to, you will also be prompted to format the pages that will have the Bates stamping.

2Format your Bates Numbering

Once we process your file, you will also be able to customize your Bates Numbering by adding and editing text or choose an image to use instead. You can choose what your stamp will look like, what pages Bates numbering appears on, and where on the page Bates numbering will be. If you have formatted your file to your liking the final step will be to access and save your file.

3View & Download

After your file has been processed and Bates Numbering has been added it will be time to access your PDF with newly added Bates numbers. You can do so by downloading it to your computer and viewing it in your browser. Another option available is to email you a link to your document, which will only be valid for 24 hours. To do so, you will need to enter your email when prompted to and we will send you this access link. Be sure to access your file within the 24-hour window to ensure that none of your hard work has been lost.

Learn more about Bates Numbering

Page Numbers or Bates Numbers?

Most people are familiar with using page numbers to identify pages, but what are Bates stamps for? Bates Numbering is used to index pages within a set of multiple documents, usually legal documents, for easy identification and retrieval. If you are in a field where legal documents are necessary or work with this type of document often enough, our FREE* tool will be a great tool for you. You can insert Bates number to your document wherever you please, whenever you please.

Bates Stamp Placement in a PDF

Control exactly where you want to place your Bates stamp. Use our Bates Numbering system to allow you to choose which pages to index and where on the page the stamp should appear. Don't like where you have placed your Bates number? You can change it and format it to your liking.

Bates Numbering vs Page Numbering

Bates numbering is not to be confused with regular page numbering. While we do have a service to add a normal page number to your file, these two are not used in the same way. Page numbering does not include any indexing and is commonly used in any everyday document. Bates Numbering is a more complex service that is used regularly for legal documents. If you're looking to simple number your pages within an existing file you can do so by using Soda PDF's Page Numbering tool.

More Formatting Options

Not enough formatting options in our free* Bates Numbering tool? Use Soda PDF Desktop or Soda PDF Online to access more Bates Numbering formatting options, including removing Bates stamp from a document. Along with this Soda PDF allows you to do many other wonderful things to your PDFs.

Did you know that Soda PDF offers a variety of online tools to choose from? You can insert a page number, convert a document to PDF, convert a document from PDF to formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, and HTML. Or, you can remove a page, resize, rotate, edit and sign PDFs as well. Once you have added a Bates number to your document you can save it to your computer and carry on editing that PDF with any one of our free* online tools mentioned above. You can process up to 3 files within an hour and create PDFs to your liking. Make sure to try out any of our other tools for any of your PDF needs.

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